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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Great Scott!! Family Guy does Time Travel....again!

As I am typing this I am watching the latest episode of Family Guy. Once again they are delving into the murky world of time travel. This time however it appears that Stewie may be the cause of the Big Bang because of a Temporal Causality Loop. I bring this up only because I have been fascinated with time travel for years.

Movies such as Terminator and Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventures were among some of my favorites as a kid. The concept of Time Travel isn't nearly as foreign or esoteric as it used to be. Because of advances in Quantum Physics, physicists are coming to accept that Time Travel (at least in theory) is entirely within the realm of possibility.

Authors have also long used Time Travel as a means of telling stories, one of the better known examples is of H.G. Wells The Time Machine. In the story an the protagonist events a device that allows him to travel outside of the 'normal' flow of time and to travel forwards and past as he sees fit.

Of course Time Travel also rears it's head in the UFO enigma as well. Although less popular than the oft lauded Extraterrestrial Hypothesis, Visitors from the future or Time Traveler's have been fingered as the culprits behind the flying saucers and cigars that have plagued man kind since time immemorial. The reasoning being that they are here to in some way investigate the past. For the people that are proponents of the Visitors from the future theory, this can also explain the very enigmatic Alien Abduction Phenomena.

Since the UFOnauts are so fascinated by collecting sperm and ovum samples the reasoning goes that Future Man has somehow lost some vital piece of genetic information and so they are coming back to us their ancestors in order to reclaim what they need in order to survive. And to get around the problems of Paradoxes, such as the Grandfather Paradox, the Future Humans have devised the clever ruse that they are in fact aliens from Zeti Reticuli.

Either way you look at it its unlikely that the Time Travel Meme will ever leave our subconscious. And as long as good movies are still put out, and not crappy remakes (New Bill and Ted), I for one couldn't be happier.

Michio Kaku speaking on Time Travel

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