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Monday, May 16, 2011

I did it for the lulz

Some websites around the internets are all abuzz about the next apparent Anonymous attack. Anonymous is the hacktivist group that came from (was spawned by) the lower order of the internet 4chan. Recently Anonymous has been in the news for helping do DDOS attacks against some of the middle eastern countries where democratic revolutions have been breaking out. Additionally they may, but more likely didn't, have something to do with taking down the PlayStation Network for about 3 weeks. 

Well now it seems as though they have decided to target the Ufological field next. All over the internet today people have been buzzing about the so called 'Operation UFO'. Here's the supposed image from this event.

The blogosphere was all a twitter about this event. Personally I don't think much will come of this, well at least not for those that are in Ufology. Hmm although as I type that I realize that maybe they will be taken in by this event. I was going to say how hard it would be to pull something off like this now that it has been all over the internet today, until I remembered that many Ufologists likely don't have a strong online presence. It's likely that they will have missed this, because I don't believe it has been picked up by the media as of yet.

That seems like an issue to me. Of course I suppose the reason that the majority of them don't have an online presence is that fact that many of them are of an older generation. That only goes to show a bigger problem that exists in Ufology, were there seems to be no young blood in this field. (To my credit I am in my mid-twenties but I'm not exactly 'in the field'). Course many of the young people that could be in this field are busy doing shenanigans like the above 'Operation UFO'. Or worse they are indoctrinated to the dreaded ETH. (Which I really don't have anything against, I just feel like other theories should be given their just due)

I think the thing to take away from all of this is that on Sunday (if Jesus doesn't return on Saturday of course) hopefully people will ignore sightings of 'a triangle of 8 yellow lights in the sky' which are supposed to be reported to wherever UFO's can be reported to. Although with the phenomena as strange and tricksterish as it can be sometimes, I wouldn't be surprised if real triangle's of 8 yellow lights were to appear. Oh well that's Fortean phenomena for you. Until next time remember this is Fortean Philosopher Tony, reminding you that I do it all for the lulz


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