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Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Leprechaun

OK so below you will find the first part of one of  my short stories that I had originally written in high school. I don't want to put too many stipulations on it, but please remember it was a very rough draft of a story that never got completed. If you guys like it I will put up the rest of it (and hopefully find the rest of papers). Until then enjoy the first part of 'The Leprechaun'.

Peter was being chased by the Lucky Charm's Leprechaun again, all he heard in his mind was 'There after me Lucky Charms!' and 'They're magically delicious'. Peter shuddered awake, drenched in sweat. Not again, he groaned. This case was beginning to get to him. He turned over to his clock, it was 6:15 am. Oh well, he thought, time to get up. Peter Blackstone had started working for the ISPR (International Society for Paranormal Research) about 6 months ago. 

At that time he was fresh out of college with a degree in Parapsychology, which is why they wanted him for the job. That bring us back to the present.... Peter's newest assignment, which synchronisticaly fell on St. Patrick's Day this year, was to investigate rumors of an infestation of Leprechauns in a New Jersey apartment building. 

And every night since the case started Peter had been dreaming about 'Lucky' the Leprechaun character from the General Mill's Cereal Lucky Charms. So far the team hadn't seen much paranormal phenomenon at all, unless of course you count the crazy rent-a-cop's who insisted on kicking the team out every time they came in at night to investigate.

Peter got up out of bed and got ready for work that day. He then headed to the make-shift headquarters that the team had set up in order to do their investigations. Case-manager John Smith was typing away at a computer looking for folkloric methods of catching leprechauns, while Peter's partner and co-investigator Lisa Jackson was interviewing one of the witness of the supposed leprechauns. 42 year old widow Mrs. Jordan who claimed that leprechauns came in the middle of the night in order to steal her socks.

Mrs. Jordan wasn't the only one complaining about items that had gone missing around the complex, many others were losing all kinds of things all over the place. Because of the nature of many of the thefts the group had ruled out theft or human carelessness. In addition to the thefts, many of the children living in the apartment building had been telling their parents that they were afraid that the leprechauns were trying to kidnap them. Peter walked over to John to see what was on tap for the day. John looked up at Peter grimly, “Last night one of the children that lives in the building complex had disappeared in the middle of the night.'' “No way,” Peter said, “Did you look everywhere?”

“Of course we did,” snapped John, “ And the police have already been called and should be here soon.” “Oh well has any one looked in her room yet?” Peter asked. “Nope, but that's where I want to send you hopefully we can get a good look before the police show up and likely kick us out,” John said with irritation tinging his tone.

About 15 minutes later Peter was looking around Jessica's room for any sign of what may have happened to her. On a hunch Peter decided to check her closet. Peter walked in when the floor suddenly gave out from under him.


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