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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Messie Investigation (with pictures!)

As stated earlier today in another post here at Forteania, your friendly neighborhood Fortean Philosopher got out of his armchair in order to do some honest to goodness on the scene investigation. The Barnes & Noble that I was at earlier when I posted on here at Forteania,  was only about 15 minutes away from the home of Messie at Lake Murray. And as promised we headed to the lake in order to see if we could capture some footage of the creature.

Of course first we went to Chili's to have some lunch, I mean you can't hunt for cryptids on an empty stomach right? So after that little detour we headed straight for the lake. Upon arrival we found that the electric company that maintains the dam at Lake Murray charges $3 dollars for parking. That wasn't a huge deal, but it kind of bummed me out that we couldn't just park for free. Oh well. Once we finally found a parking spot, the damn place was packed. You would think it was like the middle of summer and 100 degrees outside or something. 

Not Pictured: Messie

There were plenty of people out enjoying the lake, unlike Ashley and I who were not exactly properly attired for this expedition. Still we trudged through for you loyal readers who were sitting on the edges of your seats in anticipation. We next happened upon a placard that explained some of the history of Lake Murray.

Front of the placard

Back of placard

 We made it about 100 ft down the walk path of the dam, you know where people can run or ride bikes, when we were overcome by the tremendous heat. I mean it was unbearably hot. We were able to take one last photo. You know just in case we could catch Messie. Because sometimes that's how ghost photos work someone will try to take one last photo and then later they will say, "I didn't see the form when I took the photo, but later when the photo was developed it was there!". 

Still no Messie, I did find an Ashley however
So with that we decided to turn around and call it a day. Unfortunately we found no Messie, we did see a lot of boats and jet skis. Although today I was able to, if only for a few hours, stop being an 'armchair' investigator to an honest to goodness field investigator. That's all for now loyal readers. Until next time this is your friendly neighborhood Fortean Field Investigator Tony saying have a great night. 


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