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Thursday, June 2, 2011

They're coming to take me away!

A husband and wife are leaving a party late at night, ahead of them is a simple 45 minute drive home. As they get of the highway on a side road (in order to take a shortcut [likely the husbands idea right ladies?]) the wife suddenly spots an extremely bright light that seems to be trailing the car. The couple goes silent as they listen out for a helicopter or perhaps an airplane. What seems like the next moment the couple is getting out of their car in the driveway to their home. Their clothes appear to be disheveled and turned inside out. Slightly groggy and disoriented the husband looks at his watch and sees that it is now 3 hours later than when the left the party, which is well over 2 hours longer that it should have taken them to get home. Not thinking much about it that night the couple goes to bed. Over the next few days, one or both of them begin to have bizarre nightmares that involve them being strapped onto examination tables with shadowy figures hovering over them. Eventually they may seek some kind of professional assistance in order to determine what has happened them.

The scenario that I have just described to you is likely very familiar to anyone with even a peripheral interest in the subject of Ufology. What is detailed above is a fairly typical 'alien' abduction account. Granted there are variations with each individual version of the story, but thats a good generic retelling of how they usually go down. The 'alien' abduction phenomena is by far one of the more bizarre parts of Ufology. As a matter of fact in the early days of the modern (read post 1947 Kenneth Arnold Sighting but after the Air Force officially “left” the UFO field) UFO enigma, many of the civilian UFO research groups (such as NICAP or APRO) wouldn't even touch these accounts. They were trying to establish a level of credibility for the field to be taken seriously by scientific minds (sound familiar?). At the time it was considered pretty radical just for there to be alien spaceships flitting about the skies of the Earth. But to have an interaction with the occupants, especially of the sometimes overtly sexual connotation, was probably way beyond what they could handle. One of what was certainly the first modern abduction account (more on that in just a moment) that we are aware of from the literature, happened to a Brazilian farmer by the name of Antonio Villas-Boas.

His story, which you can read here in full, involved what would become fairly staple events in the modern abduction phenomena. Being taken aboard a craft, a somewhat sexual encounter, often times a tour of the craft, before finally being let back out. One strange thing about this case that is unlike many others of the modern era, at least that I am aware of, is that at no time did Villas-Boas loose consciousness.  The modern era however is almost entirely made up of people that have, apparently, had their memories altered by the occupants in order to cast some kind of doubt on the validity of the interaction. Likely because of the extremely sexual nature of Villas-Boas' account, it wasn't fully made known to the American public until about 1965 although the events themselves took place in 1957. Sometime in the late 60's and early 70's Ufology began to, perhaps begrudgingly, accept that the abduction phenomena should be looked into further. The phenomena reached an absolute pandemic level during the 80's and 90's, but seems to have somewhat tapered off now.

So what exactly are we dealing with here? Did the aliens get tired of just flying around and buzzing plans in the 50's and decided that they should come and get a piece of the action so to speak? Well that depends on who you ask. If we temporarily take a stroll down ancient folklore lane to the tales of the Fairies, we will find almost an identical scenario being played out. As the stories would go men or women would accidentally enter fairy rings (crop circles?) and find themselves in the realm of the fairies were time often passed quite differently than it did in the mortal realm. In addition to this the old Fairy stories have something even more eerily similar to the modern abduction mythos, that is the concept of the 'Half-ling' or in modern vernacular the Hybrid. You see the Fairy folk were a dying race that needed to interbreed with humanity in order to save their species. Deja Vu?

This has lead some to speculate that the 'aliens' have been here for a really long time. At the same time this has lead others to wonder if perhaps what ever is interacting with us is not 'alien' in the sense that it comes from outside of our planet. Either way the phenomenon is certainly not nearly as straight forward as we may have assumed in the past. Take for instance the compelling research done by Dr. Rick Strassman on DMT, the so called 'Spirit Molecule'. Working under the hypothesis that DMT (dimethyltryptamine) is natural occurring substance located in the pineal gland of human beings, Dr. Strassman was allowed to do the first clinical work on entheogens (psychedelics) in the United States after a 20 year ban on the substances. For more on what all this entailed, please check out his book on the topic. The reason I bring all this up is that during the clinical trials, Dr. Strassman found that some of his patients were reported what would arguably in another circumstance be considered 'alien' abductions. They had all of the same ingredients; the medical examination, the telepathic communication with the others, some sexual aspect to it,  all of it.

With all of this in mind what is the solution to the abduction riddle? Is it simply alien scientists doing 'animal' studies on humanity? Is it the fairies continuing their interbreeding project with us? Or could it simply be some kind of natural chemical in our bodies that are leading to the creation of these accounts? Unfortunately I don't have the answer. I can give my opinion of course, and that is that perhaps the answer lies somewhere in the middle of all of the above options. Just something to keep in mind the next time you hear someone talking about the alien abduction phenomena. That's all for tonight, until next time this is Tony your friendly neighborhood Fortean Philosopher saying, “Watch the skies.”

P.S. I realized after I finished this post that I had left out the concept of the MILAB or military abduction. This is the theory that most, if not all, supposed alien abductions are in fact staged military psychological operations. I didn't leave this theory out on purpose actually I forgot to include it. This theory has been proposed as the explanation for one of the more famous abduction accounts, namely that of Betty and Barney Hill. Personally given the context of their story, a MILAB actually would make a lot of sense. Of course that doesn't rule out that they were actually taken by ET's or CT's, but its definitely the theory that I am personally leaning towards as a probable explanation. OK, for real this time that's all. Have a great night.


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