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Monday, June 20, 2011

Two birds, one stone.

I had to do some extra credit for my psychology course tonight and I think that it is pretty relevant to the alien abduction phenomena. So here it is; let me know what you think!

    I believe that when dealing with repressed memories, they should be allowed to come out naturally in due time. There are a number of problems with trying to draw out repressed memories. The main method of doing this is sometimes by using hypnotic regression, but there are other methods. All of these suffer because of our lack of true understanding of how the human mind works. We have some ideas of how memories seem to be formed and how they are accessed as far as using them day to day. Where it gets a little confusing is how to bring repressed memories back to the surface. If you were to use hypnotic regression, for instance, a number of issues arise. One, there is the problem of the researcher's bias. If the researcher that is doing the research believes that, for instance, the person is suffering from repressed memories of childhood sexual abuse, the person being regressed may pick up on that and then begin to believe that they have been. The other main problem is that perhaps the person that is being regressed may have already been influenced by the media or in some other fashion 'tampered' with. By this I mean that they could have seen movies about child abuse, or whatever, and then this can influence the 'memories' that they are recalling.
    The best case scenario to deal with repressed memories would be to allow them to surface by themselves. This way we can hope that they haven't been tampered with by outside influences and it offers the person dealing with the memories the best way to cope with them.


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