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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Alien Photos!

Welcome to the third post in my continuing series of different collections of Fortean photos. If you missed the last two; you can find the UFO photo post here and you can also find the Ghosts photo post here. Tonight I will take you through a few of the more famous, and some infamous, photos that allege to be of Extraterrestrials. Just like the last two posts, I will give you the pictures followed by a little blurb about them.

First up is a still frame image from the famous Alien Autopsy footage
 This footage was originally aired in the United States on a FOX TV special entitled Alien Autopsy: Fact or Fiction. The footage purports to be from an actual alien autopsy performed by some unknown scientists. The video has long been considered by most as a hoax, but the film itself is very interesting. I highly suggest that you look it up and watch it. There is something very surreal about it, you know beyond the fact that an 'alien' is being dissected. (For an amazingly lucid take on this footage, I suggest checking out what the late Mac Tonnies had to say about the film here)

Next is the Cumberland Spaceman photo
 The story behind this photo is relatively straight forward. James Timpleton was taking a picture of his daughter in a field with obviously no one behind her, but when the photo was developed the father noticed that there was a person that appears to be wearing a spacesuit behind his daughter. This story definitely has shades of ghost photography in it, with the whole 'nothing was there when the photo was taken, but upon development something out of the ordinary was in it'. 

Third is the small figure from Mexico
 I wasn't really able to dig a whole lot up about this photo, but it along with the next photo were both from the Faces of the Visitors book I mentioned in this post.

Tomato Man 
 This photo supposedly shows the remains of an alien that died upon impact, after it's craft crashed somewhere near Laredo, Texas. 

Last but not least is George W Bush shaking an aliens hand!
It's true! The government really is in on the alien cover-up. After all there is George W Bush shaking hands with one of them! In case you couldn't recognise this photo, it originated from the old tabloid paper Weekly World News. Really I only included it because I always wondered if there really was anybody out there that actually believed in the validity of this photo.

Well Forteans we have come to the end of tonight's post and just like the last two photo posts we are left scratching our heads wondering about how credible these photos truly are. I for one don't put too much stock into them, but then again I can't rule them out either. If they are fakes, some of them (the alien autopsy footage for example) have been really well done. Others like the Tomato Man leave a lot to be desired. That's all for tonight loyal readers, until tomorrow night be sure to keep your eyes on the skies!



Anonymous said...

bull crap there is no way that's really George bush shaking an aliens hand. retarted.

Anonymous said...

aliens are believe it or not!!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Aliens are advanced beings and they have their own perfect wisdom.they are in the position after 10th dimension.what is the need to make a treaty with 2dimensional wisdomless beings.above all is not aliens they are wisdom beings.

tony said...

What nonsense? In movies american hero will save the world from aliens when they try to destroy earth? The american directors need to learn that if aliens want to destroy earth it may the the news of past and well there was no more being to hear about it.stop your heroism against aliens.they are capable of drink our bones buy they wont do.mind it. I am ashamed of being your in community.

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