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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Project Blue Book Online!

I have this nasty habit of perusing Above Top Secret. It's definitely a guilty pleasure of mine. Most of the time I don't really learn anything, really I just enjoy reading about how 'Disclosure is Coming'. But earlier today I came across a really informative thread from an always awesome poster at the site, IsaacKoi. He started a really awesome thread that I highly recommend that you check out.
Entitled “Massive UFO Disclosure in the USA: A challenge for ATS” (Don't let the title confuse you, it's not actually about THAT kind of Disclosure) the thread introduces the reader to an awesome site called Footnotes, which among other things houses literally all of the US Government UFO files from their projects. (Of course it doesn't have the secret treaties signed by our world leaders with the Gray Aliens in it, that would just be silly). Project Blue Book, Grudge, and Sign all show up at this database. As do apparently some other's that people may not be as aware of like Project Twinkle and Project Stork (which I had actually not heard of).
The database is technically searchable, but there is a lot of information to sift through. Especially in order to find the 'diamond in the rough'. So with this thread, IsaacKoi is asking for help from those who might be able to assist with the following:

So, can the mass of UFO material on be efficiently downloaded for research off-line? Once that is done, can some aids be developed for finding relevant material?

Is ATS (and the wider UFO community) up to this challenge?

Can the relevant technical issues be addressed here?

Over the years, I’ve been impressed by the technical abilities and computer savvy of members of ATS. This is an issue where ATS could get ahead of the wider UFO community.

We’ll see…

So if you have the skills or are just interested in helping, head over to the ATS thread to learn more. As for me I have spent most of the day, searching Blue Book files from my state. There is, probably not surprisingly, a large amount of information to be found at the site. That's all for now, be sure to check out the sites and have some fun looking at all of the interesting sightings that had been reported.


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