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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Demonic UFOs

Alternatives to the ETH are always really interesting to me. If you've read this blog at any time in the past you are likely aware of the fact that I'm always looking into different explanations for the origins of the UFO and its occupants. The Cryptoterrestrials as proposed by Mac Tonnies, Jacques Vallee's theory of UFOs as some form of psychosocial control, and John Keel's Ultraterrestrials are all different avenues that I have looked into and spent a lot of time reading about. I've dedicated an equal amount of time blogging and writing about each of these alternatives in the past as well. However there is one area that I've only done a little bit of reading and research into; the idea that occupants of UFOs are demonic in the Judeo-Christian sense. The reason for this is that I really find the theory a bit too limiting and it feels a little like some confirmation bias is going on. 

Still in the interest of fairness, and to not exclude any idea, I began to read a recent thread on ATS that delved into this topic. And with a title like Secular Researcher's Findings that UFO Activity is not Extraterrestrial in Origin, how could I resist? Likewise in the offline world I had a bit of synchronicity with this topic which I will go into a little latter in the post. But first let's get to thread from ATS. In the interest of fairness I feel that I should state upfront that I definitely do not agree with the posters conclusions. I feel that he's grasping at too many disparate pieces in order to tie his theory together and don't personally accept this theory. However I am bringing the information to you attention because I don't think there is anything wrong with entertaining an idea. And I figure you should never shut your self off to any avenue.

The poster went through a lot of work in order to gather together the information necessary to formulate their thesis that the UFO phenomena and Alien Abductions are merely demonic deceptions meant to present a new gospel and cause people to turn away from the Judeo-Christian faith. They came to that conclusion based on couple of things; people that experience the UFO phenomena, especially Alien Abductees, typically end up experiencing psychic phenomena, many early UFO researchers, such as Jacques Vallee and John Keel, had come to the conclusion that the answer to the UFO was not the Extraterrestrial, and finally that the galaxy is just too large for the prospect of interstellar travel to be anything more than just a pipe dream. With these things in mind, the poster ultimately states the following as their final assessment of the situation;

The Facts of what we know to be true:
1. Aliens are inter-dimensional/Spiritual beings.
2. They do not use interstellar travel.
3. They are malevolent.
4. Their aim is to deceive man-kind.
5. The film industry is helping to prepare us for a "grand deception".
6. "Alien Abductions" stop in the name and authority of Jesus Christ
7. "Alien Abductions" match the abilities of fallen angels as described in the Bible.
8. "Aliens" bring primarily deceptive anti-biblical messages, as is reported by abductees and contactees.


"extraterrestrials" are intentionally evangelizing people to an alternate spirituality(new age)and are demonic in origin.

I will let that information stand on it's own. Again I don't believe that this is what is going on. I do recommend that you check out the thread for yourself because there is some great debate that is going on back and forth from both sides of the argument. I appreciate that this poster is willing to acknowledge that UFOs seem to encompass many paranormal events, but I don't agree with the conclusions that he reaches. Interestingly enough he is not the first person to reach this kind of conclusion. Writing in his 2010 book, Final Events and The Secret Government Group on Demonic UFOs and the AfterlifeNick Redfern tells the story of a group comrpised of Government officials called the Collins Elite that eventually reached the same conclusion. 

The group studied the phenomena by interviewing UFO witnesses and alien abductees, the Collins Elite would eventually leave the ETH behind completely in favor of a very dark, and demonic view of the phenomena. In a very short summary the group believed that the UFO was just the latest way for this dark demonic force to deceive our species for the purpose of gaining access to our souls so that the demonic enemies could quite literally harvest some kind of unknown energy from it for purposes that were unknown and not well understood. 

I would definitely recommend reading Final Events in order to get the whole story on this strange group and the even stranger conclusions that they came to. Once again I don't necessarily agree with the conclusion that the Collins Elite came to about the provenance of the UFO, but for argument sake we don't really know enough yet in order to rule anything out completely. Many in the Collins Elite felt that perhaps we were being farmed in some fashion and I can't help but to be reminded of Charles Fort classic quote: “The Earth is a farm. We are someone else's property.”

Ah yes one last thing before I leave you; I had mentioned that I had a somewhat synchronistic incident involving this whole 'Aliens=Demons' meme this past week. This past weekend my girlfriend and I were at our local Books-A-Million and as is typical for me I headed over to the 'New Age/Paranormal' section to kill some time. The first book that I happened to pick up was Phil Imbrogno's Ultraterrestrial Contact  which, despite the controversy from last year, I still intend to read. As I was thumbing through, looking at the chapter headings, I found a tiny little square piece of paper which someone had stuck in the book.
Intrigued by what sort of person would put one of these in a book, I decided to visit the website from the paper on my phone. Unfortunately my phone had a really bad signal and so the website was taking a while to load. As I waited for it to come up I wondered if any other books contained a similar paper or if I had some how grabbed the “lucky” one. I checked something like 15 or 20 books but only found similar papers in four of the books. There were three variations of the message on them. The books I found them in were interesting, because personally I don't know if I would of picked the same ones had I been intending to spread this kind of message. I found them in two Zecharia Sitchin books, There Were Giants on the Earth and TheWars of Gods and Men, and the last one was in Jim Keith's Casebook on the Men in Black (which I reviewed here). In any event they all lead to the same website
Delusion Resistance is run by a former MUFON investigator named David Ruffino. You can read all about him at the site. As I said I had a very synchronistic feeling when I saw these papers because I was thinking about the ATS thread, trying to write this blog post and just generally gathering my thoughts together. And what should happen but I come upon these papers. It may not mean much to others, but it certainly struck me as interesting. That's all for now, again I recommend that you head over and read the thread and draw your own conclusions. Don't let what I or anyone say influence what you decide or conclude. Also be sure to check out Nick Redfern's Final Events as it's a very fascinating read about the Collins Elite. You can listen to Greg Bishop's interview with Nick Redfern on this topic here. Until next time I will leave you with a quote that I feel is relevant to this topic.

"The UFO manifestations seem to be, by and largemerely minor variations of the age-old demonological phenomenon..."
-John Keel


dbdonlon said...

I ran into the same kind of synchronistic thing happening when I investigated whether bigfoot might be demonic (and there was a UFO connection there as well). In my case, an email that should have come to me about a year earlier appeared in my inbox with the title "That's a Demon." Like you, I hadn't been giving the idea much weight. But this started a strange set of events that culminated in my witnessing a UFO with my son.

It's weird out there.

Tony Morrill said...

Have to agree with you on that, it certainly is pretty weird! I've always heard that the more you look into this stuff the more synchronistic events can occur. I just don't know if it's a simple as you just happen to be paying more attention to weird things and thus are likely to only pay attention to the weird stuff that happens or if weird stuff does happen more often to those that are already involved in the weirdness.

Also I would love to hear about your UFO sighting that you had if you wish to discuss it. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, I've never had a sighting of my own.

Either way thanks for the reply!

AJG said...

Speaking of synchronicity, I just got done re-reading a couple books that are great primary sources for (what I call) the para-evangelical fringe viewpoint.

The first-and least panicky--is "UFOs: What on Earth is Happening?" by Weldon and Levitt, published by Harvest House in 1975. It's valuable mostly because it predates a lot of the "abduction" hype. The other two are "UFOs and the Alien Agenda" by radio exorcist Bob Larson and "Alien Encounters" by Chuck Missler were both published in 1997, in the wake of the Heaven's Gate suicides.

Both books take the "Collins Elite" view of aliens as demonic, leading to a "false rapture"/Antichrist situation.

What I find interesting is that the panicky evangelical protestant view of aliens and abduction is nearly as far on the fringe of Christianity as UFOlogy is on the fringes of science. It's predicated on a particular dispensational, eschatological viewpoint that those of us in more old skool branches of Christianity find confusing and, often, at odds with 2000 years of Christian thought and doctrine.

My point, I guess, is that crazy is everywhere. Thanks for a great post that has served as a great writing warmup for the day!

alanborky said...

How about this for synchronicity?

For the second time in about a week I've been bumped on a webpage only to find myself in the company of Bloggy (dbdonlon) [and he doesn't just have a daughter like me he has a son!].

He says it's weird out there.

I say it's weird ON here!

I must say Tone I do like you're cool-headed warm-hearted approach (not unlike Blogsquatcher's tolerant expansive approach) 'cause the truth IS we're all just saying how it seems to us so why the need for the red in tooth and claw stuff deployed elsewhere?

Anonymous said...

You don't have to be a particular "brand" of Christian to buy into this theory.

To me, it's always made the most sense. After all, what is Keel's theory of malevolent "ultraterrestrials" if not a SECULAR version of the demon theory? (Didn't Jerome Clark even call Keel a demonologist at one point?)

I've also found it interesting how certain sci-fi blockbusters in recent years have been moving AWAY from the "Close Encounters/ET" view of aliens to something a bit more dark. I'm thinking mostly of Spielberg and his "evolving" view of aliens.

Tony Morrill said...


I agree with you to a point. Keel's Ultraterrestrial theory could be seen as a seculard form of the demonological Idea. After all Keel himself even alluded to this both in the quote I listed at the end of my post and in his book Operation Trojan Horse.

Having said that though, I think that sometimes the Christian idea of this theory is loaded down with a lot of cultural baggage. Because after all we are victims of language more often than not. I'm no fan of the ETH, but that doesn't mean that I think the Non-Human Entities that people are encountering are here to spread a "new age" non christian Gospel.

Thanks for the reply!

John Ratcliff said...

I agree the are demons; but what planet are the demons from?

Anonymous said...


I agree. You would, ultimately, need to subscribe to a Christian worldview to hold that UFOs are evil angels spreading an anti-biblical message. My view is that such a proposition, in a general sense, is certainly supported by a large amount of evidence from the field.

So, a Christian view of UFOs, while "logically valid," is not *proven* unless you argue for the truth of Christianity.

Anonymous said...

I think it's not surprising that persons of a particular religious frame of mind would see intervention by outsiders --- perhaps designed to make humans realize that our current philosophies and faiths are balderdash --- as "demonic" or otherwise evil. If someone undermines our way of life or our cash-cow, we are bound to get a little irritated.

Don Day said...

Tony - thanks for the even handed approach. I think it is a mistake for folks to think this only on "Christian" view. If you dig deep into this topic from a theological point of view, most of the whole "demon issue" predates Christ. The old testament, book of enoch, etc. is full of angels, demons, bad spiritual characters, etc. In fact most of theology is antediluvian. The new testament (ie, Christ) while touching on these topics, spends most of the time rehashing, warning of the existence of demons, etc., that is already in the old testament. Therefore, the Abrahamic religions (Christianity, Judism and Islam) all share the same old testament traditions. It is a red herring to only think the demon/alien viewpoint is Christian/evangelical only. I highly suggest the works of Merrill F. Unger and Kurt Koch (not easy reading)if you want a scholarly approach. After reading Final Events, Unger and Koch, I reread Keel's "Operation Trojan Horse". It read completely differently when I read it before.

Jeff Davis said...

Thanks for your as usual larger than average fortean perspective. There is no question that if anything, UFOs give those sharing the common bond of fascination with them, a sense of just how expansive reality apart from ourselves may be. It would seem to logically follow that if UFOs are something that represent an external agent of volition, or intelligent willful control, that external agent is adeptly, possibly as a result of a natural orientation beyond it's own control, familiar with a liberal navigation of the quasi environmental reality that humankind is as of yet still harnessed by, or quite possibly, still developing within. In an extremely condensed effort to make a point, it would seem that both all inherited religious and esoteric teachings, as well as most of the current progressive lines of scientific reasoning and estimation, surmise that animate reality is at it's core essentially energy. That energy can be further broken down to represent either a basic polarity and multiples thereof, or an anything but a basic school of thought, namely, quantum non locality. This is the gist of where our historically esoteric religious rubber meets our currently progressive scientific road. Both are just as real as the other and in fact might be the same. Perceptively speaking, this is to state that modern humanity at this point is peering via the light of our scientific cave's campfire just beyond said cave's entrance/exit. From the most esoteric and ancient avatar, to the predictable perception based nature (our nature) of the double slit experiment itself, it seems it's all about the maintenance and control of our perceptively relevant, transient energy induced. Is this because we are bound by a temporal leash and the external agent is not? Possibly. Possibly this is the key to the synchronous nature of our universally entrained human consciousness itself. Positive/negative,gods/devils,angels/demons, protons/electrons, would seem to all be the substance of our temporal (time) based entrainment in facilitative conjunction to our subsequently generated reality as a whole, a perceptive transient reaction if you will, much like the double slit experiment garners human perception based results apart from those when not observed by us. Myself, rather than focusing on demons and devils piloting UFOs, I am drawn to what Jesus himself stated:"I tell you the truth, if you had faith even as small as a mustard seed, you could say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there,' and it would move. Nothing would be impossible." Is "faith" the willed ability to resolve our entrained reality? One last thing, you know that verse in the bible that the demonic UFO brethren are constantly throwing around "the prince of the power of the air" (Ephesians 2:2 I believe). I used to think, OMG, there goes Satan in a UFO just like so many. That was, until I did a little contextual research for myself. Turns out that small passage is taken TOTALLY out of context and is actually a reference pertaining to the ever wide spread influence of time based culture. Wisdom of man vs. wisdom of God stuff. Check it out! :-)

Tim Swartz said...

You should check out Tim Beckley's book: "Round Trip to Hell in a Flying Saucer." It really details the whole "demonic UFO" concept right from the very beginning of the "modern UFO" era. Even though I think that the UFO phenomenon can't be compartmentalized into good/evil, aliens/angels sort of things, Beckley's book shows that there is a lot more to UFOs than has been shown in popular media.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone here read the book "The hunt for Skinwalker"? It is quite an interesting book, one that scientifically details a lot of wierd things going on that are concentrated in one location.... The book made the hair on the back of my neck stand up, freaky stuff......

Robin Delgado said...

There is a weird synchronicity in UFO's. Are they are or demons, can we come to an agreement that:
1. They work in the shadows.
2. Do not leave trace evidence or enough to hold enough substance.
3. If you research UFO encounters there is a sense of psychic/spiritual phenomenom.
4. Have they ever been Benefical at all, i mean besides taking an individual, or showing mental images of disaster, piloting aircrafts, mind games.
Actions not words determine my views on them, so i can say if i knew an individual like with similar symptoms i would not leave them with my childre, my loved ones, or trust them at all.

If they are demonic, then it makes sense, if they are alien their intentions border kidnapping and intrusion, either way it doesn't seem to good, unless you like being in their ant-farm for experiments.

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