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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

RCMP vs the Aliens!

Hello dear readers it's been quite some time since last you heard from me, your friendly neighborhood Fortean. I come today to weave you a short, albeit interesting, story of the RCMP and their unsuccessful search for ET. As usual I was on the always fascinating Above Top Secret when I found this thread that had just moments before appeared. Entitled “RCMP search for 'non-human entities' in BC”, it told a harrowing story of one couples narrow escape from something. Taken from the news link found in the thread the account is as follows:

Coquitlam Mounties responded to a call of a man and a woman screaming from their apartment on Wilson Avenue. When police arrived, the couple told investigators they had seen two “non-human entities” on their patio.

Several Mounties scoured the area in search of the spirited suspects, but turned up nothing.

RCMP Cpl. Jamie Chung said there was no indication drugs or alcohol were involved in the incident, nor could he say whether or not the couple really believed they saw something other than a human.

Anything is possible, I guess,” he told The NOW. “People see ghosts all the time — who am I to say ghosts don’t exist?”
Chung sent out this tweet Monday morning regarding the incident: “Strange but true. #cqrcmp went to a report of ET sighting in #PortCoquitlam in the early morning. Area searched and no aliens found.”

And unfortunately at the moment that's all we really know about what happened. Actually I'm hoping that someone that lives in the area might be able to dig up some more information about what went on that night. I spoke with RCMP Cpl Jamie Chung earlier on twitter hoping to find out a some more details about what had occurred.
It's hard to say what, if anything, the man and woman saw. We know for sure that they simply described what they had seen as “non-human”(as evidenced by Cpl Chung's response seen above). I wonder if perhaps the few media outlets that latched onto this story were a little hasty in declaring that “aliens” were seen. Then again, even in his original tweet about the event Cpl Chung himself described what they were looking for as “aliens”. Hopefully more information will be brought to light in the coming days about what the witnesses had actually seen that night.
This isn't the first time that the town Port Coquitlam has had dealings of a decidedly “alien” nature however. While on twitter earlier today someone pointed me to a CE-2 type UFO event that took place in Port Coquitlam back in August of 1974.

Three young boys; David Bates, Henry and Steven Tillie, were traveling home around 8 pm on August 16, 1974. While taking shortcut through some woods, the boys became aware of a strange high pitched sound which caused the cat that David was holding to struggle out of his hands and run away into the forest. As the cat made it's way into the woods, the boys were shocked to see the cat keel over as if it were sleeping. In fact they referred to it as “playing dead”. The story continues:

The boys then turned towards the source of the noise and saw an object approach over the trees, traveling south or north over the railway bridge spanning the river. The object had a red light on top and green and white lights at either end of its length. These lights flashed on and off. Traveling slowly, the object reversed its course and with an undulating motion headed for the small cleared area amongst the trees where the sandpit was situated. 

The intensity of the noise disturbed David so much that his friends said he placed his hands over his ears and called out for it to stop. However, David does not recall doing this.
The UFO began to settle down for a landing and the noise became a buzz, the children claimed. All this took place within a few brief minutes. At that point the terrified cat recovered and returned to its owner, clawing David when he picked it up. 

The long scratch on his arm was still visible when I interviewed him in September.

In a state of petrified amazement, the boys remained at their point of observation about 150 feet from the touchdown site. As the object settled down to land it gave off a blast of hot air that disturbed the ground so violently the boys were covered in a film of dust. 

Immediately prior to making contact, the object extended short legs, then some action on the part of the machine caused sand and stones to be sucked upwards towards it in a violent swirling manner. A few seconds later, the boys said, "blue sparks came up from the ground as the machine made contact."

Not long after this the boys are finally overcome with fear, or perhaps they came to their senses, and they ran back to the homes. The article goes into some great detail about the research and investigation that was done into this event by the author himself. I highly recommend that you follow this link in order to read it for yourself. Also be sure to check out the original news articles, 'Policerespond to ET sighting in Port Coquitlam' and 'TheTruth is out in Poco'. That's all I have for now Fortean faithfuls. Until next time; Stay Classy Internet!


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