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Monday, March 24, 2014

Alien Contact in Human Places

Stories of encounters with extraterrestrials are just about a dime a dozen in Ufological literature. Persons have come into contact with these ET’s outside of their craft, in the woods, out in the desert, or on top of mountains. What seems to be a little less common is encountering those same ET’s at a later date in a more normal or mundane place. For me, these accounts are far more entertaining and, somehow, even more bizarre and surreal than a so-called “CE-3”. Or maybe they’re not so bizarre after all? Could they be clues that some of the UFO’s have bit of a more terrestrial origin?  I’ve come across a few such stories which I will relate below and will give links to the sources so that you can read more about these events and let you decide for yourself as to what you make of these accounts.

In Timothy Green Beckley’s The Authentic Book of Ultra-Terrestrial Contacts a story is told of a woman who encountered a group of UFOnauts. It starts off as a “typical” UFO occupant account. Her story is as follow:

A local resident was driving towards town one afternoon when she suddenly saw a strange ship resting on tripod legs. As she approached the craft, she observed a normal looking woman and two men standing near the vehicle. They were talking to each other and eventually walked over to a parked auto and drove off. ….

A few weeks later…. The woman was shopping for the weekly groceries when she noticed, over at the next counter, a familiar-looking face. Edging closer, she was shocked to find that it was the same “person” who was seen months before, driving off from a UFO.

The bewildered woman followed the UFOnaut, the female of the trio, to the check-out counter. Once they were both in line the witness said, “Haven’t I seen you somewhere before?” With this, the “space woman” bolted from the line, leaving her parcels next to the cash register and disappeared out onto the street….”

What are we to make of this story? Who knows? Why was an “alien” grocery shopping at the local grocery store? Was she out of eggs and milk?

The next account also comes again from The Authentic Book of Ultra-Terrestrial Contacts. I don’t really know how to set it up, I’ll just let the story speak for itself.

This young man, whom I will call Bill, had been sitting in the Greyhound Bus Depot. He was at the end of the line…. an alcoholic. He had only the bus fare over the East Bay Bridge to Oakland. God knows - maybe eh was going to take a leap from the bridge. Well, along comes a wonderful looking man and takes Bill in hand. He took Bill to the hotel Ogden. This beautiful stranger put Bill to bed. And in passing, Bill said that this stranger was just as human as my earth-man. Bill watched this stranger shower and should know.

The ending to this story is perhaps the strangest part. Bill’s life was turned around after spending some time with this “Stranger” and later Bill felt compelled to seek out “Prof” George Adamski. Up on Adamski’s wall, Bill noticed a painting of his “stranger”; it was none other than ‘Orthon’ the Venusian!


In his book Alien Base, Timothy Good relates a story of an early contactee who meet his alien contact in a “traditional” setting and then later in a not quite so traditional one. The story was originally related in the Contactee’s book which was titled The Shocking Truth. Here is Albert Coe’s tale:


In June 1920, then 16 year old Albert Coe was on a canoeing vacation in Ontario with his companion Rod. Alone at the time, Coe heard the muffled cry while clambering to the top of an outcropping of rocks in remote and rough terrain on the Mattawa River. Looking around, Coe could see no one, so he let out a yell. Slightly to his right and ahead came an answer. ‘Oh help me, I’m down here’

As Coe rescued this person, he began to notice some peculiarities. The stranger was dressed in a “silver-gray, jumper type suit”. On this suit was an instrument panel with all manner of knobs and panels upon it. After helping this stranger up from the cliff which he had fallen over, Coe talked the man into allowing him to assist the man in making his way back to the “plane” the stranger had used to  make his way into the woods where Coe had found him. Coe’s description of the plane is as followed:

A round silver disc, about 20 feet in diameter, was standing on three legs in the form of a tripod, without propellor, engine, wings or fuselage.

I was musing over its lack of windows and portholes and wondered how he could see out, unless they were over on the other side. Just then, the perimeter edge began to revolve. At first it gave off a low whistling sound, picked up speed mounting to a high-pitched whine, finally going above the audible capabilities of the ear.

With that, the craft flew off. Coe returned to his normal life for a time. About six months after this surreal encounter, Coe received a note from “Xretsim” setting up a meeting at the McAlpine Hotel, Ottawa. (These aliens really seem to have an attraction for hotel rooms). Coe had many more meetings with this stranger, who called himself Zret for short, often with Zret driving a very human car.

Zret would eventually reveal to Coe that he was a part of a group of extraterrestrials who came from both Mars and Venus. This group of aliens had infiltrated every major nation on the Earth. Again, according to Zret, they had some sort of mission here that was dependent upon some event they were hoping to stave off. Coe meet with Zret and others of his kind for many years to come, but seemingly never again saw any more unusual “planes”. You can read more of Coe’s account in Good’s book.

It seems that more often than not I’m at a loss for words when it comes to stories of these nature. I enjoy them from an entertainment standpoint to be sure. As for the inherent validity of the accounts? I can’t say. Why are “aliens” hanging out in grocery stores, hotels, and driving human cars? Have they truly ‘infiltrated’ society to that large of a degree? Or is the fact that they resemble humans, interact in the human world, and have human transportation probably closer to a real explanation for what’s going on in these cases? I think so. These strangers fit in with humans so much because they’re might actually be humans.


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