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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

ET Pen Pals

I’ve been getting back into the habit of more regular updates here at Forteania and as such I’ve been racking my brain to dislodge various paranormal topics which I haven’t really dealt with before in the past. Today I wanted to talk to you dear readers about a very fascinating topic: Alien/Automatic writing. Personally I’ve lumped these two seemingly disparate topics together because I don’t actually think they’re all that different upon further inspection.

As a bit of a background automatic writing, also known as psychography, is a supposed psychic ability whereby a person produces writing words/symbols without actually physically having written them. Generally this is achieved by an outside, supernatural, force. (Thank you wikipedia!) Automatic writing, or spirit writing as it was also called at the time, seems to have shown up right about the time of the Spiritualism Movement of the late 19th century. This website seems to suggest that women used automatic/spirit writing as a means of breaking out of societal norms, who am I to argue? But that’s neither here nor there for what we’re talking about today.

Alien writing seems to have come around about the same time as the contactee movement, although there maybe some overlap with the earlier spiritual/theosophist writings who technically communicated with what would be called “ETs” which they considered to be Ascended Masters of sorts.

Explanations and origins aside, here follows a few example of the myriad that have been reported by experiencers over time. What little information is available on their accounts is also included. All credit to this information goes to Alien Abduction Experience and Research.

First is from Manuel from Minnesota: 
The above script is from Manuel some kind of an abductee from Minnesota. I don’t really know much more about his experiences besides the writing.

I remember that I forgot to reply to you concerning the 'alphabets'. I found a writing from December of 1998. I am including in this note as an attachment. Also am including one more 'circle' actually it is a quarter circle, with an animal-like figure in it.

There are different 'families' and each has its own way. And then there are 'the experimenters' a family unto themselves. The 'experimenters' are what are known as 'greys'. Someone told me they are referred to as the 'Zeta Reticuli'. She wasn't someone I felt comfortable even being in the same room with... as it is with most people who 'enjoy' expounding about implants and experiments and giving birth to hybrid alien babies.

I have this unexplainable urge to get away from them, or ask them to leave. Kinda like the feeling that the energy is not anything I want even near me... unlike those that are clearly upset by the whole thing... do you see what I mean. Like the difference between a propagandist and a victim of the propaganda...?

By the way, in writing all I did in my big note about my experiences I have been freed of a lot of pain and anger. I came to realize in my writing you that I was really quite angry and fearful... I never realized just how scared I really was. I do now. And it has helped me to start looking at the matters in a whole different light. I have pushed people away, in the process of trying to find understanding. I hope I can open even more, at least enough to hold on to discrimination while honestly evaluating and sharing.

Next up is from a man named David:

David from Texas explains, "This writing is very special to me. I use it mostly for sacred purposes. I cannot remember a time when I did not know this language. I write it very fast, but it takes me forever to translate it to English, mostly because it does not lend itself to translation to English very easily."

"Most of the words have no parallel in English. The English language, while having a beauty in its precision, does not contain the depth of meaning and color that this language does. The nearest illustration I can provide is, for example, with the word "love." In Koine Greek, as you know, I studied Greek and Hebrew at Seminary, the word "love" has at least three or four words used to describe it:  Eros which is physical love; Phileo which is brother love; Agape-Godly which is also love."
"In English, we have just the word "love." Shades of meaning and depth of color are missing from the English language."

"I sent samples of this writing to a friend who specializes in ancient languages. I also gave a copy to a friend who is in military intelligence, a cryptanalyst and linguist. He thought it was similar to Russian or Greek. Being familiar with Greek, I can see where some of the elements resemble Greek, but they do not fit into the schema as do the Greek letters that would have a linguistic correspondence."

"I can read Russian to some small degree and I can see evidence of Cyrillic in it, but cannot say it is a known Russian language, of which there are over 150 Russian dialects. I have heard at least twice as many conclusions as there have been people analyzing it."

"My earliest memory of writing this language goes back to when I was in the third grade. My older sister tells me that I have been speaking this language since before I went from crawling to walking."

The interesting thing about David’s writing is that it looks somewhat similar to the “Martian” writing of Hélène Thome, who using automatic writing, was allegedly in contact with beings from Mars. Her story was written about in the book From India to Mars which can thankfully be obtained for free on the internets.

Thome's "Martian" writing

One last example I wish to take a look at is from Nathan:


Nathan wrote, "Here is some alien writing. I also speak alien from the home planet of Ethna. I've been doing this all my life. Unfortunately, I stopped for a long time due to people (family) thinking I was crazy and sending me to a psych doc who put me on 22 pills a day, and still did it . . . so I stopped, because they said I was crazy and delusional."

"Recently, I just went off my meds . . . they only made me very ill to the point I could hardly function! This also messed up my mind really bad. But the good news, since I've been of them a few months, I have recovered 100%. I am growing in psychic powers such as telepathy! I also started writing down this writing and channeling. Anyways, take a look, tell me what you think."

That last little bit of information about the medication somehow interfering with the communication channels sounds like something Greg Bishop talked about Dr. Mario Pazzaglini telling him. Here is an excerpt of an interview Bishop did with  Dr. Pazzaglini for his now defunct zine The Excluded Middle (an anthology of which you should purchase here). The idea, as I understood it, was that the medication interrupted whatever was allowing the person to have contact with the alien intelligence.

In the end what are we to make of this writing? Does it have any inherent value? I can’t say for sure. I’m interested in the writing as yet another fascinating puzzle piece in the grand scheme of Forteana. Like almost everything else in this arena, I don’t know how real it is. But it’s certainly fascinating. As usual if you’ve got anything to add hit me up in the comments section.


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