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Monday, March 17, 2014

Nurses relate ghostly encounters

I don’t really know what to make of ghost stories. Or rather accounts of actual ghosts and not like campfire tales. Some of them are really interesting, while others are quite dull. Are people actually encountering the spirits of the departed? Is it all just in their minds? Are some people more prone to see them than others? Ultimately I’m not sure. I haven’t really made up my mind yet on this particular paranormal phenomenon. What I bring to your attention today are some rather interesting stories of ghostly encounters that nurses have reported. 

Much like Albert Rosales’ “Humanoid Reports” the following is probably nothing more than paranormal porn, adding nothing really substantive to the body of “paranormal research”, but they are interesting in and of themselves. Besides sometimes it’s fun to just read of other’s encounters with things that I haven’t (thankfully?) experienced yet. I offer no further opinion on the following other than they seem interesting and want to know what you all think. I’ve selected only a few of the stories as there are pages and pages of accounts to go through.

Member stidget99 reports the following:
I used to work in a state inst for developmentally disabled. We were temp relocated to another building for remodeling of our bldg. Anyways...I was working one nite, 2nd shift. We had a locked pica unit. I saw one of the residents walking down the hall. Very distinct gait and very distinct yellow t-shirt w/ a happy face on it. I went into the ward to let staff know that they had an escapee.

This was a serious situation because this particular resident, Larry, would ingest absolutely anything (from clothing to pens to belts to *ugh* a bird's head)...literally anything. He was also very reluctant to go back to his home ward (hence why I didn't bring him back myself...he needed two escorts). When we got back into the hall, less than 15 secs later, Larry was gone!!

We searched the entire building! Outside, downstairs, all wards...he was NO WHERE to be found!!! This whole search lasted last than 10 mins because I had all extra staff looking for him. I was just about to call the house supervisor to let her know that we "lost" someone when out from the bathroom walks Larry w/ one of the staff. He had been getting his bath in the bathroom for the last 30 mins or so. Kind of freaky! I absolutely, without a doubt, saw Larry in the hallway. I never would've short-staffed the wards like I did if I hadn't seen him! Like I said, very distinctive gait, look, clothing. I took a lot of razzing that nite!

They all thought that I was crazy. Anyways, come to find out the next day, after the story goes around that I am crazy (haha, giggle giggle, funny funny)..............Larry had an identical twin brother who died in that building 10 yrs previously.

Member Chad_KY_SRNA shares:
We have a white figure that has been seen in the medicine room, sometimes the carts are moved down the hall while you are in a room giving meds, etc. One of the male CNAs reported seeing a very tall black figure going from room to room several times. We have all seen balls of light floating around. From what we have been able to gather from old pictures of the property that the nursing home is on there was a mobile home park at one end and a cemetary at the other end of the building. Everyone has seen a little boy walking around but the freakiest part was when they saw wet childrens foot prints coming down the hall and followed them to the wall and there were footprints in the snow outside that came right to that place in the wall.

We had a patient, chronic CHFer, always on the call button, hated being on fluid restrictions. you know the type: the nurses have to take turns during the shift answering the call button so the primary can actually do other work.

And this was a frequent flier cause he was very chronic, very borderline, and the hospital was the only place he wouldn't fluid overload.

I work 7p-7a. He died about 8pm. Oh the look on his face, like, "how could you let me die!" - Like it was our fault.

Anyway, family came and gone by 9pm, funeral home gone at 930pm.

About 10pm, the call button starts going off. I was there - call button going off every 5 minutes.

One of the nurses was a very spiritual girl. At about 2am, after like 4 HOURS OF THIS, nurse Mary snaps, 'Enough!'

She walks down to the room, and, practically screams into the empty room, "Mr X, you have died. You can't be in here bothering us anymore. Move along. In the name of Jesus, I'm exorcising you from this plane of existence. Go to the light and be happy!"

And I kid you not, the call button stopped going off then and there.


Member gms1976:
Hi! I am a South African Nurse who is currently living and working in California. The weirdest thing happened to me one night when I was working Night Shift back in SA. I had a patient whom I thought was playing with his IV causing me no end of headaches - As we have all experienced. I eventually confronted him after having to open the clamp for what seemed like the hundredth time that night. He got really irate with me and said he had done no such thing but blamed it on a young nurse in a white dress whom he said had fiddled repeatedly with it . I was confused as while we wear specific uniforms in South Africa, they were not white at this specific hospital. Needless to say I was really irritated and I think we both ended the conversation feeling exasperated.

I didn't think about the young nurse for several weeks until one night in a totally different room with a totally different patient. The call light rang and when I went to answer it the patient said he had a problem with one of my staff. Curious, asked what. He said a young nurse in a white uniform was standing quietly in the doorway of the dark bathroom staring at him and it was freaking him out. At this my hair stood on end but I reassured him that he must have been dreaming and checked the bathroom just to be sure. There was nothing there but I will never forget it.

Another instance, there was a patient who was terminally ill with liver cancer in a private room. I was working days but the night shift people said they hated going into the room because something would blow on the back of their necks and shadows would move where shadows shouldn't be. The man was a christian, as was his wife and his wife said she saw this black prescence descend above him and his breathing would become labored. She asked myself and a friend to pray for her which we gladly did being christians ourselves. We anointed and blessed the room and prayed with the family and asked the Lord to seal the room. From that time on the room was filled with peace and love and the man breathed so much more easier. People had no more problems with going in there. This gentle little man eventually passed away, but it was in a place of peace and love.

I think I have a few more stories but I can't remember them right now as I have just gotten home from a crazy night in a wild med/surg unit and I am truly beat!

Again the above stories really only scratch the surface,  I recommend readers to go and check out all 225 (!) pages of reports from the website itself. Considering that my mother is also  a nurse, and was a hospice nurse as well for a number of years, I should really go and ask her if she too has encountered anything. What was it that these folks experienced? The actual souls of the dead? Some sort of psychic projection left on the environment?

Truthfully I can’t say. At the moment I’m leaning towards these experiences being externally created realities, rather than something internal. What the source of these encounters is anyone’s guess. I do enjoy reading these kinds of stories though. Somehow people’s ghost encounters are much more enjoyable to me than their UFO reports, or at least the garden variety “Light’s in the sky” reports. Give me humanoids any day. I’m beginning to ramble at this point.  I suppose that’s all for today, be sure to follow the link and read some more of the encounters and drop me a line via email or the comments section below if you have anything to add.

Until next time this is your friendly neighborhood Fortean Philosopher saying, “Booooooooooooo!!!!!”


Steve Taikowski said...

I am a Hospice nurse for many years. I was "sitting" with a dying patient on a night shift in a Nursing Home. I was not watching TV or anything , just kinda watching the patient and doing various things to comfort him. I was letting the patent rest when I noticed something. On the wall above the patients bed was a face! It was in fact my dear old neighbor lady who was miles away dying in another nursing home. Her face stared at me for about 5 minutes, expressionless. All that time I was looking at the face thinking, "I shouldn't be seeing this." The odd thing was, she was not dead, but rather in a comatose state. She died about a week later. I have told very few people this story, as I don't want to upset her family or my family that knew her.

Tony Morrill said...


Thanks so much for sharing! That's an interesting experience that you had. So basically you only saw an image of her head and not the full body? I wonder if the time you saw her face was the same time that she actually slipped into a coma? The world is sometimes a lot stranger than we know.

Anonymous said...

These are really great accounts. Except for one of them, they seem like genuinely recalled experiences.

Tony Morrill said...


thanks so much for your reply! I would tend to agree with you that the experiences do have an air of genuineness about them. What the genesis of the experiences is however is very much a mystery to me.

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