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Monday, October 18, 2010

Intergalactic House of Pancakes

Flying Pancake Delivery
At around 11:00 am April 18, 1961 a Wisconsin chicken farmer by the name of Joe Simonton had his breakfast interrupted by a peculiar noise that sounded like "knobby tires on a wet pavement." Venturing into his yard, Joe was surprised to see an unusual saucer shaped craft resting in his lawn. The object was about 12' high and about 30' long. Not one to be scared off by strange sightings Joe approaches the craft only to have a hatch in the craft open up. Story continues after the jump.

Showing off his pancakes
Within this hatch Joe was able to see three short dark skinned men inside, the men are wearing blue skin tight uniforms and also have knitted headgear. The men appeared to Joe that they were gathered around a flame-less grill cooking pancakes. One of the men comes to the hatch with a silver pitcher, taking this to mean that the men required water Joe was happy to oblige. Once he had filled the pitcher with water from his house, Joe returned it to the craft. Joe eyed the pancakes and so perhaps in return for the water the man with the pitcher hands Joe four pancakes.

The whole encounter lasts perhaps all of five minutes and after handing Joe the pancakes the man attaches something to his belt and seals the hatch so that Joe is unable to see where it was in the craft to begin with. The craft then suddenly slowly ascended to about 20 feet off of the ground when in the span of about two seconds it takes off in a burst of speed bending the nearby pine trees.

Joe never saw the craft again and eventually the pancakes made it into the hands of J. Allen Hynek, NICAP., and eventually APRO. Joe himself took a bite out of one to taste it and said it tasted like cardboard. Too bad he forgot to a customer complaint card. I'm gonna let this story stand on its on and leave my opinion out of it, let me know what you guys think. If you are interested in further reading be sure to check out the following links. UFO Evidence, Cosmic Jokers, Loren Coleman. Until next time this is Tony signing out.


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