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Friday, May 13, 2011

Be careful what you wish for?

Sometimes I watch Paranormal TV shows. It's not very often, really its a guilty pleasure more than anything. The one I like in particular is Discovery Channel's 'A Haunting'. The show's premise is pretty straight forward. The show tells stories, which are purportedly true, where people have experienced ghost, poltergeist, and or demonic activity in their houses.

Typically towards the end of the show 'experts' are brought in to help the family deal with their unwanted guests. The experts are mostly psychics and other sensitives that are able to communicate with the so called other side. They often admonish those watching at home not to do things that would invite ghosts and their assorted behaviors into the viewer's home.

So basically the experts advise that you shouldn't play with Ouija boards or else you will invite evil spirits into your  house. (Actually just for fun you should Google Ouija board stories, some of them are great for a laugh). Well apparently I must be some kind of ghost activity repellant. Because I have tried it all. I have played with Ouija boards, held seances, messed around in graveyards, and even tried all combinations of Bloody Mary/Candyman/Biggie Smalls type rituals, all with zero luck. I can't get so much as a door opening and closing by itself. Am I just not doing it right or something?

Perhaps some people, like myself, just aren't going to be able to experience the phenomena. I will have to settle with watching the terrible re-enactments done by people that are typically far more attractive than the people that originally experienced the phenomena.

Oh and before anyone asks I haven't tried the whole 'Midnight Man' thing, mostly because I am lazy and because of work I have to get up way too early to be staying up until midnight. Also the idea of running around my house in the dark seems terribly dangerous.


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