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Friday, May 13, 2011

Recommended Reading; Project Beta

I finally finished reading Greg Bishop's book Project Beta. In this fascinating book Bishop examines the sad strange tale of Paul Bennewitz. Bennewitz was a physicist who owned and operated a company called Thunder Scientific Corporation, that was contracted with the United States Military specifically Kirtland Air Force Base. Bennewitz, who had long had an interest in UFO's, entered the history of UFOlogy and forever changed its face. 

Bishop takes the reader through this tale by weaving in all of the pieces of the almost 8 year long saga of what would become Bennewitz’s descent into madness. Helped along the way, according to Bishop, by AFOSI agents Richard C. Doty and ‘Falcon’. The book also details the origins of what many readers will recognize as the so called ‘basics’ of the modern UFO myth.

Crashed saucers, Government Treaties, Secret underground bases, and even Majestic 12 all show up along the way. According to the research that Bishop was able to uncover all of these topics have their source from material that was being fed to Bennewitz in order to throw him off of whatever trail he may have been on.

If you think you know everything about UFOlogy, or you are just getting started in the field, I can’t recommend Project Beta enough. This book is at once fascinating and at the same time eye opening. After reading this book your views on the modern state of UFOlogy will never be the same. It’s like Paul Kimball, director of Beyond Best Evidence, said on Twitter. (And I couldn’t have said it any better myself) “The take away from Project Beta should be that the UFO ‘field’ is irrelevant.”

Check out the book, I promise you won’t be disappointed. Together maybe we can get Ufology’s head of its collective ass and move on to solving the problem of the origin, rather than worrying about underground alien/human operated bases. Until next time, this is Fortean Philosopher Tony, saying take it easy.


Greg said...

Didn't see this until today, clued in by looking at your old tweets. I'm very glad that you get what I was trying to do. People let their beliefs get in the way of their learning all the time. That's a theme in the book and something I try to remember.

Tony Morrill said...

It's no problem, I had heard about your book for a long time. I definitely try to not let my beliefs or reality tunnel get in my way either

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