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Monday, May 30, 2011

Disclosure? Not likely.

I often find myself frequenting the forums over at Above Top Secret (ATS). Its an interesting place with a very eclectic collection of posters and topics. Everything from UFOs to Chemtrails can be found at this mostly cool site. Honestly, as most places on the net that deal with these topics, though it has its fair share of the 'True Believer' types. While I was perusing the site earlier today this thread popped up, 'Disclosure Dates have dried up.' I recommend that you check it out for yourself, but I will summarize the posters thoughts.

Basically it seemed like for a long time on ATS, there were daily threads about Disclosure being imminent. Usually the threads were from the websites of the usual suspects behind these shenanigans (i .e. David Wilcock, Stephen Greer,  or Michael Salla). Always with titles like 'Disclosure Imminent', or 'Disclosure By Year's End'. For about a year or so it was almost all you could find in the UFO section at  Above Top Secret. Needless to say it got a little tiresome, more so because Disclosure is probably bullshit.

What I mean is that the government is never going to 'disclose' anything about the UFO phenomenon. And no its probably not because of secret treaties signed to allow for abductions, or in exchange for advanced technology. They aren't going to 'disclose' because (spoiler alert!) they don't know anymore than Ufologists do. I will wait while you wipe the coffee or drink that you spit out on your monitor up. Or give you a chance to wake up from fainting. I know this news is likely shocking to you. The 'all powerful' government has to know everything right?

I think its much more likely that the reason there has been no official disclosure is because ultimately they (the ubiquitous 'they') also don't really have an idea as to whats behind the UFO phenomena. Now don't get me wrong, I'm sure they have better film or video footage or perhaps even some tangible evidence (of the solid crafts that seem to fly through our skies at least). But beyond that? They've got nothing. And if news of that got out it would be more upsetting than the 'disclosure' of ET's to religion. Most American's assume that we are reasonably protected by our Military. But the US Military can in no way, shape, or form stop these things from doing whatever they want. (I'm not arguing motivations of the 'aliens' right now, obviously if they wanted to take us over War of the Worlds style they could have thousands of years ago).

The US Military, by having the reality of UFOs disclosed, would be admitting to an amount of impotence that they likely can't afford to show.  The easiest way to control the situation would be through, oh I dunno say 60 years of ridicule? Anyway feel free to disagree with me, but I think that this makes the most logical sense as to why there has never been, nor will there likely ever be, Disclosure of any kind. At least on the part of humanity, anyway. Until next time this is your friendly neighborhood Fortean Philosopher asking you to remember what John Keel once said “The American Public isn't telling the Air Force the truth about Flying Saucers”


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