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Monday, May 30, 2011

The once and future Closet Anomalist

OK Day 2 of my being more proactive at not being a Closet Anomalist anymore. As recounted last week, I had tried joining MUFON as a means of alleviating this feeling of isolation that I get from my interest in all things Fortean. (At least from actual meat space you know? Yeah I have people that I talk to about this online, and I have you dear readers of this blog. But that's really more of a monologue, than a dialogue. I digress) I have once more ventured from my domicile in my continuing attempt to break out of my Fortean shell (I used that because 'popping my Fortean Cherry' sounded far too disturbing). As I am typing this I am sitting at one of the hundreds of Starbucks that litter the town in which I live.

My goal is to seek out someone I know, at least casually, and strike up a conversation with them about something Fortean. Probably Ghosts or UFOs, as I would be willing to bet they are the most well known and popular Fortean topics out there. So far I have had no luck, I may have to move my location so that 'Operation Don't be a Closet Anomalist Anymore' can really get under way. (For what its worth the name is still in the beta testing phase). What I will do is sign off for now and report back later with more information. Stay posted. Alternatively you can follow my Twitter, to find up to the minute information. ( I don't normally pimp my Twitter account, however in this case tweeting from my phone is a little less cumbersome than digging out my net book). Until later this is your friendly neighborhood Closet Anomalist saying 'klaatu barada nikto'


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