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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Lazy Sunday

    Boy it's definitely a lazy Sunday. I don't have a whole lot to talk about just yet, somehow surviving an apocalypse wasn't as life-affirming as I thought it would be. Although I suppose that we still had the whole Anonymous 'Operation UFO' thing to look forward to, but as of this writing nothing has happened. (Hang on and let me check just to make sure) Yeah just as I thought, nothing has happened yet.

    Oh well I suppose that there is always next time for a massive UFO hoax. Really this has been an extra disappointing weekend, first the Rapture didn't occur on Saturday clearly. And then today obviously the UFO hoax hasn't happened yet either. Although I really didn't expect either event to happen. Well I should say that the Anonymous hoax thing seemed much more likely to occur than the Rapture but still.
    Not surprisingly conspiracy websites have been a flutter today about how the May 21st  Rapture was in fact some kind of disinfo program to discredit the 'real' apocalypse set to occur on Dec 21st 2012. The logic being that TPTB (the powers that be) allowed/caused the whole May 21st Rapture thing reach such heights in the Mainstream media, so that as many people as possible could be exposed to it. Then when it didn't come to pass, anybody that believed in it would be proven a fool. I know this seems fairly sketchy here but stay with me. OK so once this apocalypse was seen to be false, naturally no one would thus accept the reality of the so called 'actual' apocalypse. That way only the elites would survive the coming apocalypse, because only they would know it was happening and thus prepare for it appropriately.
    I don't believe this is the reality of what was going on, but I must admit I have a soft spot in my heart for clearly stupid conspiracy theories. There is something comforting, perhaps in a bizarre way, about conspiracy theories. They allow us to believe that there is some kind of order in all of the chaos. I'm not arguing that conspiracies don't occur of course. They do on some level. But the ones I used to accept as true, but have since come to question are those about like overarching plans to rule the world. There are a lot of problems with theories such as this, for one thing the groups have supposedly been working towards these ends for centuries. Secondly, for a secret plot it sure has gotten a whole crap town of air time. And finally, why the hell have they waited so damn long? It's not as if the majority of the first world citizens would exactly stand up and demand they stop.
    Like I said today was kind of a slow day and we will return with regularly scheduled posting tomorrow night. Just some stuff to think about between now and then. So behave yourselves, and also be sure to look out for a 'triangular shaped craft with eight lights'. This is Tony, the Closet Anomalist, saying stay classy.


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