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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Synchronicities, Bookstores, and MIBs. Oh my!

Hmm I definitely intended to write something tonight, it was arguably going to be thought provoking and simultaneously ground breaking. Well OK probably not but we may never know. Instead of whatever I was going to talk about I will mention an interesting bit of synchronicity that happened to me today. You may recall from an earlier posting (Be careful what you wish for?) that I have had almost zero luck with any kind of paranormal events happening to me. With the exception of the werewolf I may or may not have seen as a child (Origin Story).

So when something that seems a bit synchronistic occurs of course I will take it and run with it. As many of you may know, I have started going back to school in order to get my degree in Biology (I think). About a week ago I had to get my books for class, and I decided that I would order them from Amazon, you know rather than paying the outrageous fees that the school bookstore would have charged. While I was looking for my textbooks, I got to looking at my Amazon wish list and figured, 'What the hell? Why not go ahead and pick up some the books that are on my list?'. The ones that I chose to get this time around were Wake up down there! The Excluded Middle Anthology edited by Greg Bishop and Jenny Randle's The Truth Behind Men in Black. Because the books were coming from different places, the textbooks arrived just two days after the order. I though I would have to wait a bit before the other two came in.

However when I got home last night from class, I saw a tiny book shaped package waiting for me on my doorstep. The Truth Behind Men in Black had arrived, I was pretty excited about the book because Mac Tonnies had recommended it on his site and, so far, everything he has recommended has been an excellent read. But since I was still in the process of re-reading Mac's 'The Cryptoterrestrials' I had to put Jenny Randle's book on my bookshelf until I finished his book. So it was that I thought, at least temporarily,  I was done with the Men in Black. Fast forward to earlier tonight, rather than attend my class this evening I opted for skipping (I know shame on me, its only the second week of classes). My girlfriend and I decided to head to our local little shopping center so that we could have a mid-week date night thing . One of our favorite spots to hit up is the local Books-A-Million, so we went inside and started perusing the 'New Age' book section (I really dislike that UFO books among other topics are lumped into this section with Sylvia Browne books and books on The Secret).

While looking through the selection that they have (you know the usual; ghost books and Zecharia Sitchin stuff), it was at this point that I noticed a strange little tome. Sitting right in front of me was 'Casebook on the Men in Black' by Jim Keith. This was more than a little bizarre, for one thing the book is published by Adventures Unlimited Press, which to the best of my knowledge aren't carried normally by Books-A-Million. Not only that, I'm pretty sure that this book had been out of print or at least hard to come by since it came out in 1997. This edition was newly printed in 2011. So here we were two days in a row with me coming face to face with books about MIBs. It definitely had the ring of synchronicity to it. Of course I purchased the book as it was the only copy and it is unlikely the store would be getting anymore anytime soon.

So that is my strange little tale of synchronicity, I am very excited to read Keith's book as I really enjoyed reading his 'Saucers of the Illuminati'. Like a lot of the authors that I read, Keith was of the opinion that UFOs, whatever they truly are, probably weren't necessarily visiting ET's hailing from Zeta Reticuli. Instead, as if you couldn't tell from the title of his other book, they either originated from or were being used by the 'Illuminati' for various purposes. I don't necessarily agree with this theory, but is nice to see another non-ET explanation for UFOs. It may not seem like too much, but I will take whatever kind of Fortean event I can get. Until next time, stay classy my fellow Closet Forteans!


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