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Saturday, May 28, 2011

What can we know?

I've spent most of my time on this blog posting about what I don't believe in. A lot of the posts have contained how I feel about certain organizations within the Ufological 'field' or some of the main tenets of the Church of Ufology. But what I haven't done yet is to tell you some of theories that I am personally the most excited about.

I have definitely been pretty critical against the ETH in my posting and on my Twitter account too. (Hell just read my profile on Twitter) I have to be honest of course, the ETH is still a very valid theory for explaining some UFOs. It is entirely likely that Extraterrestrials are visiting the planet in actual spacecraft. The problem comes in as I have stated previously that a lot of people treat the ETH as the Gospel Truth. So with this in mind I decided that for the next couple of days I will be examining different alternative explanations that I am most interested in, with the hope that others will perhaps pick up on them as well.

Tonight, I am gonna walk you through one of the main theories that I like to entertain for UFOs. The first would be Mac Tonnies' Cryptoterrestrial Hypothesis (CTH). If you haven't checked out his book, I highly suggest you do that. Also rather than going back over the theory in great detail, you can check out a rundown of it here, I will give a couple of reasons why I am attracted to this theory. First it offers a very logical explanation for the sheer number of interactions humanity seems to be having with the alien presence. If accounts are to be believed, ET's would be literally flitting all over the planet on an hourly basis. With that much traffic, surely we would have had some convincing footage surface by now. But if we were dealing with a CT presence among us, the very fact that they are native to the planet makes the number of reports make much more sense.

Additionally the CTH offers an interesting explanation for the 'aliens' apparent obsession with our genes. I find it difficult to imagine that a civilization which was advanced enough to cross the vast distances of space would need something as quaint and prosaic as sperm and ovum samples in order to produce hybrids. CTs on the other hand, who might possibly be related to us genetically, would probably require access to our DNA. Possibly just for the exact reasons that the Church of Ufology would have us believe. It's entirely likely that the CTs really are on the decline and thus need to create a hybrid species in order to survive. (Boy the irony of that isn't lost on me). This is just scratching the surface of what Mac's CTH offers the Ufological field a wide variety of theoretical implications to work with. Hopefully more and more people will pick up on it.

Well unfortunately thats all I have for tonight, again I really suggest picking up and reading Mac's book to get a better grasp of what his theory has to offer. And perhaps if you do, you too may be a CTH guy as well. Until next time dear readers this is your Friendly Neighborhood Fortean Philosopher saying, 'So long and thanks for all the fish!'


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