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Sunday, May 29, 2011

I'm not the only one ..... right?

Among the many consequences of being a Closet Anomalist is that you often don't get a chance to talk with others about how they feel about strange or Fortean things. Many times since becoming fascinated by these kinds of topics I have wondered, 'Am I the only one who is interested in these topics?' I know logically I can't be. Just look at the proliferation of 'ghost hunting' TV shows. Clearly some TV executives somewhere are green lighting these programs because they know the shows will be profitable. I'm talking more about on an interpersonal level. You know day-to-day life.

I sit around in public places, either on my net book at conspiracy/paranormal websites or reading paranormal books, and watch other people around me and wonder; 'Have they ever seen a ghost? A UFO? Been to a séance?' For some reason I believe that a lot of others in the paranormal/conspiracy field (at least those that aren't prolific in some way, like Nick Redfern, Paul Kimball, or Greg Bishop. These are all guys who are at least fairly well known within the field) feel the same way as I do, in that they keep it as a dark secret. This can definitely lead to the feelings of superiority that some give off, especially in the Conspiracy Theory arena. You know that whole 'I know the Truth about Fluoride in the water and/or the Illuminati', but it also exists to a degree within the UFO field especially.

I realize that the best way to get over this would be to begin to ask my close friends these kinds of questions. For whatever reason though, I can't seem to make it over that hurdle. It would be nice to know that others have at least entertained these thoughts. Before I began listening to podcasts, like Tim Binnall's Binnall of America or Greg Bishop's Radio Misteriso, or really before I ever got on the Internet, I really did think I was the only one thinking about these topics. I realize now that a whole lot of people are fascinated by these topics, and for good reasons. If any of these things are true or happening they could radically change how we perceive reality.

I think I will begin to make baby steps in the direction of being more open about this aspect of my personality. I don't mean that I will make up business cards that say “Tony Morrill Fortean Philosopher” or anything like that (unless of course I could get a good deal on some). But you know it would be cool to get other's perspectives on these topics. That's definitely one of the reason's I have but also it's given me a chance to talk to people I may not have been able to talk to before. Not because I didn't think they would have answered, but that I have gotten more confidence from doing this blog. As a matter of fact I commented to my girlfriend last night that it was a lot easier to get involved in this Ufological 'field' than I had thought.

Well that's all I have for now, I was supposed to be doing my homework and studying for a test. But I had to get this out for the time being, don't worry there will be another post at the regularly scheduled posting time. Until then behave yourselves Internet. Hopefully by tonight I will be able to report that I will have at least talked to one person about UFOs. Wish me luck!


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