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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Alien Resistance Movement?

Short post tonight Fortean fans. I will be back tomorrow with your regularly scheduled posting stuffs. In the meantime please show your support for Beyond Best Evidence giving what you can. Also I will leave this here for your enjoyment.

Words can't begin to describe this group. Just do yourself a favor and check it out. OK well until next time this is your friendly neighborhood Fortean Philosopher saying, do your part to help fund the greatest UFO movie ever!


Anonymous said...

They stopped my children from being abducted.
Sam Mouser

Tony Morrill said...

Would you like to elaborate or tell your story? I would be interested in hearing how they helped you.

Anonymous said...

My children were having terrible nightmares for many months. They would awake up screaming. I was at my wits end. Nothing seemed to stop the nightmares. Doctors had no answers. Until one night I ran into their room after hearing a scream to find a Grey being standing near the bed. It instantly turned into glowing light and left the bedroom.
Now I did not believe in Aliens. I seen movies about them , along with TV specials. That is how I knew what they appeared to be. I saw ARM on a TV show.
I contacted them through their web site at the time to tell them my story. I was told this was very common. That ARM had handled these types of cases very often with great success. What was I to do? Nothing else was working to stop the nightmares. My children were in great pain. I was told that they have Special Equipment to disable implants that could be done through a photo that I needed to send them. From the first day of them using this Space Brotherhood Technology (as I was told it was) the nightmares stopped. I was told that to keep the Aliens away for good, I needed a Special Tool. This I got. The nightmares and Aliens never returned.

It is really sad that such good people that risk their lives for no benefit whatsoever are laughed at and attacked. What is your Government doing about these terrible abductions? Nothing! These people are on the FRONT LINES fighting a dangerous battle for people that could care less. I do not know why they bother. I further understand that they now are under great attack by Earth Traitors, NWO CIA types.


Anonymous said...

I've seen the Reptilians 3 times during dream state, and that was before I knew they existed.I thought it was just bad dreams.(I can look up the dates in my logs if you like) During these they were unaware of my presence as I watched them. They were taking human men underground into a huge network of caverns. I couldn't see what they were doing with them, but the feeling I got watching..was VERY bad, malevolent. Another instance --At one point I was very ill and had a high fever for several days, what I thought was only a hallucination may have not been according to some other people. I was on a slab or table in a room, then a very tall athletic man with long blond hair and pale skin came in, and healed me.(I was back to normal the next day) He did this using 'light"that seemed to come from him, pushing it into and all around me. I have a faint memory of a woman that looked similar with him. I am told now..these were alien Nordics? I have not seen them since. The beings that attack me off and on, seem to be very angry and do not like me. I've not known for sure what they are.I was told once that they are attracted to me because I carry a strong energy. Inter- dimensional as you said, would be a good term for them. They can go back and forth between physical and etheral being. Appear and disappear in a blink. Human and animal spirits seem attracted to me as well. There's been ALOT of strange occurrences surrounding me or perhaps I just find myself in places that have these entities for some reason.


The people I was trying to help when I got the warning dream a few months ago, are in desperate need of assistance and I cant get down to them. They are being terrorized by what looks like a variety of alien species. The entire township and area is being taken over. They were abducted 2 yrs ago., and now a local businessman was abducted. I have seen their photos and spoke with them extensively..they are NOT faking this.

Tony Morrill said...

That is an extremely fascinating account. I have many questions for you about all of this, but if you feel they are too personal you don't have to answer. When exactly did you first encounter the 'Reptilians' in your dream state? At what age were you? What kind of circumstance was going on in your life (i.e. Had you had a relationship end, a family member/friend die, lost a job, gained a new job)?

Lord Commder Thor Templar said...

Your questions are looking for causes of something that is real. The REAL question is what would make you believe Aliens are real? What would you need to see? Whom would you believe?

There is a Military Col. Corso, Stephen Hawkings, Harvard Professor(murdered by the way),Scientists, Doctors, NASA Scientists and thousands upon thousands of abduction victims.

If Government told you, you saw photos, physical evidence, met one? What would prove it to you. In the end ALL of these could be faked. Like the reality you think you live in. The Universe in FULL of life. Most planets have a TWO BILLION year head start on us. I suggest you first view on the doc called WHAT WE DONT KNOW. This details Alien life in the universe in general. Are you aware that SPACE ROCK contains all the building blocks needed for life. Minerals and Amino Acids to create human life. Scientists have already found several planets similar to earth.

The vast amount of sightings and contact experiences speak for themselves. It is really time for the uninformed to PROVE THAT ALIEN DO NOT EXIST. Not for the educated to prove they do.
Commander Thor Templar, Alien Resistance Movement

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

ARM email

Anonymous said...

Hi There I believe In Aliens

Anonymous said...

Hi i Believe in Aliens and i hope to see them and to communicate with them one day,there is no need to disprove or prove they exist i believe they do.

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