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Sunday, June 5, 2011

I'm in the mood for pics (not the naughty kind)

So obviously I didn't put up a new post tonight. Instead I decided to post some interesting (and some not so interesting) photos of apparent UFOs. 

First up is the Adamski Scout Ship
This 'craft' was purported to be piloted by the Venusians that 'Professor' George Adamski had contact with back in the 50's. To read more about his story you can go here. Most everyone that I am aware of in Ufology largely believes these photos to have been hoaxed. Jim Moseley editor of Saucer Smear believes that Adamski concocted the story of his encounters with the Venusians in order to add some wait to his philosophy that he wanted be to buy into. Which I suppose is entirely possible. The photos themselves, whether genuine or fake, are certainly a piece of UFO history.

Second  is the very fascinating McMinnville, Oregon
This photo is arguably one of the most famous, and best, obtained photos of a flying saucer that exists. You can read more about the story here. The photos have been hotly debated since they were originally taken in 1950 by Paul Trent. (Shocking I realize). But they are definitely some of the more convincing photos that I have ever seen.

Next up is A Billy Meier photo
I'm not gonna say a lot about this one armed Swiss farmer who is in contact with ETs. If you like you are more than welcome to visit the site of self proclaimed American representative of the "only true Alien Abductee" (or some such bullshit) Michael Horn here. Moving on.

Belgium UFO Flap of 1989
The best part of this series of events, aside from this really fascinating photo, is that the Belgian government was entirely upfront and honest about the sightings that they had of the UFOs with the public. Some people have tried to explain this incident as a secret military project. I dunno if I necessarily agree with this theory or not but I guess its possible. If you want to read some more about this you can follow these links. Here and here

OK guys and gals that is all for tonight, it is way past my bedtime. Until next time behave yourselves and have a great night.


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