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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Lazy Sunday take 2

Today was yet another lazy Sunday for your friendly neighborhood Fortean philosopher. I got a late start to the day, waking around 11:30 am, and had to get ready to take Ashley to work. We were able to spend about an hour together before she actually had to to go in, so after stopping at Sonic for some drinks (her a root beer with some vanilla flavor, and me with a Sonic Oreo Blast) we headed to the shopping area where she works. 

Our first stop was to the Best Buy, where I purchased the kick-ass net book that I am still typing on at this moment (First mentioned in this post). We were hoping to find some cases for some of our electronic equipment; above mentioned net book, and Ashley's drawing tablet for her laptop. Unfortunately we had no such luck. The next store we went to is one I can never seem to get away from. Pet Smart. For whatever reason Ashley, and I assume most women as well, seem to be drawn to pet stores. While inside I was witness to some PG-13 actions by two lizards. (see picture below)

It's hard to see but those lizards are totally making out!

After this it was time for Ashley to go to work. When I dropped her I off, I made my way to my regular haunt for these Sunday afternoons where I don't really have anything better to do. Panera Bread. Great place, great food, and for the most part they leave you alone even if you sit all day without actually ordering anything to eat. So for a while I did my usual thing of browsing my favorite sites (check this post for my recommended daily visits). 

I finished with those sites fairly quickly, mostly because (unlike this dumb guy) they post the majority of their stuff Monday through Saturday (you know like smart people). So I moved onto funny YouTube videos. I can't remember what spurred this on exactly, but I would like to share with you the best one of the bunch. It's from the musical comedy group The Lonely Island, here is the video.

Seriously do yourself a favor and check that video out, it's hilarious. Anyway this led me to start searching on ATS (Above Top Secret) for videos. They have a somewhat decent media section and so I was hoping to find something interesting. Or at the very least, entertaining. I was definitely not wrong. What I stumbled upon was a really cool crowd-sourced film called Zenith.

It tells the story of 'Dumb' Jack, a failed neurosurgeon from the year 2040. In this dystopian world all people have been genetically engineered to constantly be in a happy state, but because of this they have become so numb that they now seek out ways to inflict pain. After dropping out of medical school, Jack finds his niche as a drug dealer. Literally selling people old prescription drugs that are no longer made so that they can feel the pain caused by the side effects of the drugs. All of this changes for Jack when he stumbles upon tapes made by his father that warn of an all reaching group called Zenith. Unless this group could be stopped, the world would end up in exactly the state that Jack lives in.

It's an excellent movie and I literally just got finished watching it. The best thing about it is that the producers have given it out for free, as a torrent download. Follow this link here in order to obtain the film for yourself.  I highly recommend you check it out, especially if you enjoy Science Fiction. Well that about raps up my second lazy Sunday, regular posting will resume tomorrow night. Until then enjoy the music video and check out the movie.


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