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Sunday, June 5, 2011

More pictures! This time of Ghosts!

Following on last night's theme of famous UFO photos, I have decided tonight to showcase some famous Ghost photos. As with last night I will leave the judgment up to you as to the authenticity of the purported phenomena that has been captured by the camera.

First up is the Brown Lady

This is a photo that is believed to have capture the spirit of Lady Dorothy Townsend who was the sister of England's first prime minister, Sir Robert Walpole. Her ghost had been sighted off and on for about two hundreds years when finally she was 'captured' on film. The person that was able to capture the photo you see above was Indra Shira a photographer who had been hired to take pictures of Rainham Hall. According to his testimony, as Shira was preparing to take an image of the staircase he saw a shadowy smoky form appear to take the shape of a girl and had his assistant take the shot. The result is seen above. Experts that have examined the photo have found no evidence of either forgery or fakery.      

Up next is the Tulip Staircase Ghost
When the Rev. R. W. Hardy and his wife were on vacation from Canada to England in 1966, they decided to visit the Queen's House. This was a place that Charles I had built for his wife, Henrietta Maria, which is situated on the Thames below London. While they were sightseeing and taking pictures to remember their trip, the Reverend decided to snap a photo of a staircase (I promise there isn't a pattern developing here I promise). They didn't have the film developed until they returned to their home in British Columbia, once they had they noticed the above photo that appears to show a cloaked figure ascending the staircase.      

The Back Seat Ghost
This next one is fairly straight forward when compared to the last two. A husband and wife went to the graveyard where her mother was buried in order to take photographs  (because who doesn't do that right?). When the wife was returning to the car, she decided to take a picture of her husband who was alone in the car. Or at least he was supposed to be. Upon development of the photos, the wife immediately recognized that the person sitting in the back seat was in fact her mother.    
And last but by no means least is the Hampton Court Ghost
This last one is both the most recent one available and the most intriguing. The above is actually a still frame from a CCTV recording of a cloaked figure opening a door at the Hampton Court in West London. Many tourists had claimed that they had seen the figure while on tour of the palace. But it wasn't until the CCTV footage (which you can view here) that seemed to provide some evidence to support this claim. Follow the link to see the footage for yourself, but if you can I will summarize it for you. Basically a figure in what appears to be period dress bursts through the doors in the frame and steps through, then proceeds to close the doors one at a time. Apparently no staff was present at the time, as this occurred after hours. No explanation has been offered and it hasn't been seen since.    

The problem with Ghost pictures is really the same as with photos of any Fortean phenomena, namely that people are going to assume that it was faked. Especially if it's too good to be true. I offer the above images simply for your enjoyment, maybe you hadn't seen them before and so you were able to learn something. Well that's all from me tonight loyal readers. I am off to bed, I have work and then class tomorrow night. Take it easy!


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