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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Alaskan Sea Monster!

Apparently I'm not the only one that has an aquatic monster in his area (See Local Lake Monster). News has come out within the last couple of days that footage may have been taken of a Sea Monster in Alaska. The creature is known as a Cadborosaurus willsi, which is derived from the name of the area it is most often sighted (Cadboro Bay) and the Greek word for lizard (saurus).

Creature from the footage
The creature, nicknamed 'Caddy' because apparently Sea Monsters need nicknames, has been sighted for many years and much like it's far more famous Scottish cousin, the Cadborosaurus has only been sighted in grainy photographs. But footage has surfaced from 2009 that purports to show the creature in action.

Finding this footage, however seems to be pretty hard to do. I would imagine this is because Discovery Channel will be debuting the footage during a TV special tonight at 10 pm (EST). So you wont be able to see it until then. It had been avaliable on Yahoo! but it's now been taken down. If you didn't see it on Yahoo!, don't worry because you really didn't miss much. 
Artist's rendition of the creature
 I guess I will be watching the special just to see what they end up saying about this creature and the footage itself. I'm not normally a fan of “Monster” TV shows, but like I said I do want to get a chance to actually see the footage. Maybe it will be more productive than my own investigation into the local lake monster we have in my area. I guess we shall see.


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