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Monday, July 25, 2011

Ashley takes on Ghost Adventures

Sometime back I mentioned that I was going to have a guest post up here at Forteania. Well that idea originally fell through, however tonight I'm pleased to introduce to you Ashley Ruff (who in the interest of full disclosure is my girlfriend). She has lovingly put up with this Fortean stuff for a number of years and tonight will be offering you her unedited opinion on a fairly well known paranormal TV show. 

The show in question is Ghost Adventures, which if you haven't seen before please check out this clip of some of their “best” evidence. So without further ado, I will let Ashley take it away from here.

Also here is the shows website, if you are interested in learning more about it. 

This past Saturday Tony introduced me to a television show on the Travel Channel called Ghost Adventures. The cast of the show consists of three men: Zak (what a douchey way to spell Zack), Nick, and Aaron. The main guy, Zak, looks remarkably like Ben Ten’s Kevin Eleven-stupid hair, bulgy muscles, tight t-shirts, and everything-complete butter face. Out of the three, I would probably rank Aaron as the dumbest. He’s supposed to be the camera man but he didn’t seem very capable of filming. At one point he was running around outside a parking lot in the rain and screaming. I don’t remember Nick.
Kevin Elevin                                                        Zak Bagans              
 In this particular episode the men locked themselves inside of dam which led to Zak making several unfunny puns. I can understand one, but after that he probably should have quit beating that dead horse. The dialogue of the episode consisted of Zak’s puns, the three men taunting the “ghosts” (Zak would say things like, “If you are here tweak my nipples.”), Zak flexing his muscles whenever he got the opportunity, and the men replaying their tape recorders and insisting that they had recorded EVPs, but don’t worry, if you didn’t catch the ghosts’ message they would replay each EVP three to four times.
My final thoughts:

  1. I wonder if the guy who green-lit this show is still employed with the Travel Channel.
  2. How much product is in Zak’s hair?
  3. Overall if I ever want some Eye candy to look at, I know exactly where to go.


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