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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Dr. Karla Turner - Alien abductee and researcher

Alien abduction research is a fairly controversial topic, even among other already controversial Fortean topics. And in the last few years it would seem that the research took a big hit because of the "Emma Woods" fiasco. Essentially two of the biggest names in abduction research, David Jacobs and Budd Hopkins, were called out for some questionable decisions that were made over the "treatment" of a reported alien abductee going by the pseudonym "Emma Woods". But I'm not really here to talk about that issue. If you want to learn more about what all went down you can follow this link for more information.

Instead I wanted to talk about the one alien abductee researcher who was also herself an alien abductee, Dr. Karla Turner. Dr. Turner was a professor of Old English, who in 1988 would undergo a series of bizarre events that would have a dramatic impact on her life and career. Upon experiencing what by all accounts were encounters with alien intelligences, Dr. Turner wrote her first book detailing what she had gone through entitled Into the Fringe. After this was published, Dr. Turner recieved countless letters from others that also claimed to have experienced alien abductions.

She took a few of those stories and turned them into the book, Taken. And her final book was Masquerade of Angels. Dr. Turner had many fascinating theories about the alien abduction phenomena. In his book Wake up Down There! The Excluded Middle Collection, Greg Bishop and Wes Nations interview Dr. Turner. It's a really engaging interview and the UFO field is in sore need of more researchers like Dr. Turner. What's great is that she was never willing to settle down into one particular theory as to what was behind the phenomena itself. Which if you have been a reader of my site for any length of time, you know I'm a huge fan of those that are open to any explanation and haven't settled on any one. During the interview in the book, which I recommend you picking up not just for this interview but for a whole host of other great stuff, Dr. Turner is asked what theory would possibly best assimilate all of the variant data that she had collected. She responded:

My husband and I sat up late one night and said, "Let's throw out all the things we'd like to be. Let's throw out all the theories we know have holes in them. What could we come up with that would unify everything?" It would have to do with these creatures being strictly of Earth origin.... That's the only theory that we could come up with that explained things to our satisfaction. No one ever talks about it, it's just something we came up with to help us deal with things. I'm still very open to other theories. (pg 100 Wake up Down There!)

Unfortunately finding information about Dr. Karla Turner is next to impossible online. Her books are out of print, the one website that had previously existed ( has since been taken down. Luckily there are still a few resources for those of you out there that wish to now more about her. S Miles Lewis, of Psiop Radio, wrote a piece for his Elf Infested Spaces (ELFIS) website entitled, "TAKEN INTO THE FRINGE RESEARCHER FOCUS: Dr. Karla Turner". Additionally at the Excluded Middle website, Greg Bishop has up an audio interview that he did with the late Dr. Turner.

I recommend that you try to read up about Dr. Turner as much as is possible. For some reason she doesn't get the recognition that I feel she deserves. After all it wasn't until after I had been reading about the alien abduction phenomena for years, before I ever heard the name of Dr. Karla Turner. Likely you are familiar with the other big names in the alien abduction arena; Budd Hopkins and David Jacobs (mentioned earlier), and of course the late Dr. John Mack. But Dr. Turner is, at least to my knowledge, never brought up on TV shows or in discussions about the alien abduction phenomena. Hopefully you can use this post as a springboard to learn more about the late Dr. Turner.

A few more resources:
Also you can go to YouTube and search for Dr. Turner to find videos of her lectures. 


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