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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Monkey or alien? You decide.

Don't know if you've seen this or not yet. But apparently a villiage in China mistook a lemur for an alien. From the article:
The "Alien" Visitor
This ape made a monkey of Chinese villagers who feared it was a visitor from another world.
Locals panicked when Mao Xiping, a housewife from the village of Gezhai, in Henan province, central China, found the scraggy simian stealing cucumbers from her flat.
She thought it was a harmless rabbit, until she noticed it had an 'alien face' and her neighbours agreed it was like nothing they had ever seen before.

Follow the link for the full story. Really I'm just glad that no one, lemur included, got hurt. On a related note I find the mention of the 'alien face' part to be extremely fascinating. Why did she think it had an 'alien face'? Was it because of cultural programming through TV shows and movies that have shown her what an alien is "supposed" to look like? Probably, but maybe it could be a Jungian archetype situation wherein the "big eyes" are naturally assumed to be ET? Your thoughts?


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