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Monday, August 15, 2011

The Bigfoot Hunter: Still Searching - review

Paranormal documentaries are just about a dime a dozen in todays world and finding a good one can be quite difficult. Luckily I had the opportunity recently to check out an early screening of the excellent film The Bigfoot Hunter: Still Searching. The documentary tells the story of Timothy Holmes founder of Southern Tier Bigfoot Watch and the Who Forted? Gang, in an earlier incarnation known as GHI or Ghost Hunters Incorporated, who joined him in the woods of southern New York in order to hunt the elusive cryptid.
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When the group first meets Mr. Holmes they are more than a little skeptical of him. Its pretty funny the first time one of them sees that Holmes is carrying a gun, and seems genuinely frightened of this prospect. But to Holmes, the gun is a safety measure to protect you from an angry Bigfoot. Also early on the viewer is introduced to Holmes's sometimes partner Becky Sawer of Searching for Bigfoot, who joins GHI and Holmes as they head up to the area known as Connecticut Hill.

It's at this area that Sawer and Holmes have had the majority of their Bigfoot encounters, so much so that Holmes believes the area is a paranormal hot spot. The Who Forted? gang spend quite sometime with Holmes and Sawer but ultimately end up empty handed in the evidence department. But that's not really what this movie is about.

Holmes is clearly the main subject of this film and as well he should be, he is a very entertaining individual. And often in the paranormal field, the personalities that are in it are just as, if not more so, fascinating than the mysteries themselves. The film is ultimately about one man's never ending quest to find the elusive Bigfoot, whether or not the evidence is out there to be found; Timothy Holmes will always be “Still Searching”

I can't recommend this film enough, it's so rare to find a documentary in the paranormal field that isn't either trying to debunk the subject entirely or worse looking for evidence under every rock and tree. The film strikes a happy balance between the two. Below is the official trailer for the film.

For more information about the documentary, such as release date and where to see it, please check out the Who Forted? Website. You can also follow them over at the Twitter.


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