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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Disclosure - Canadian style!

If you are like me then you occasionally enjoy sifting through the rough to find that rare diamond that exists in official Government UFO documents. For the last few years major countries around the world have been releasing their UFO files to much fanfare and news reports, often time even ending up on CNN or Fox News (probably because nothing else is going on that day).

Well one country that flew under my radar is the United State's brother to the north, Canada. That's right apparently a few years ago Canada began to release their UFO files. I was tipped off to this really cool piece of information by the always excellent IsaacKoi.

Once again over at ATS, IsaacKoi started a really interesting thread entitled “Canadian disclosure:“UFO Found” and other documents/photos”. One of the cool gems that IsaacKoi points out is a strange memo that has the title of “U.F.O Found in Saskatchewan”.

If you can't read the text; the gist of it is that a scientist delivered a metal shard, that he had obtained from an unnamed pilot, to a laboratory that said “Examination revealed exhibit had likely formed part of a vehicle that traveled in outer space”.

Many more items like the above are likely hidden in the files, so it's definitely worth skimming through if that's your thing. Here's a link to the actual site. Also be sure to head over to the ATS thread and give credit to IsaacKoi for once again bringing such a cool thing to all of our attention.

And if this sort of thing is up your alley, you can check out the other post here about Project Blue Book files being online that is also from IsaacKoi.


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