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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

More synchronicities!

I related how a few weeks back that I had luckily been able to pick up a copy of the late Conspiracy Theorist/Researcher Jim Keith's Casebook on the Men in Black (Read more about that story here). I have been looking forward to reading this book ever since last year when I read Keith's equally excellent Saucers of the Illuminati. If you haven't been able to figure out yet by reading this blog (or if you are a new reader) I really enjoy anyone who is willing to go beyond the ETH when it comes to the UFO phenomena. Keith's Saucers of the Illuminati is just what it sounds like, namely that most (if not all) of the 'UFOs' that are sighted by people are in fact the instruments of the ubiquitous government (or shadow government). I don't necessarily agree with this theory, but I applaud the 'out of the box' thinking that is involved. And off-topic I highly recommend that you check out this book, it really is a fascinating read.

After I read this book sometime last year I looked up some other books by Keith. Two in particular stood out to me as must reads; the first Mind Control and UFOs: Casebook on Alternative 3, the second was Casebook on the Men in Black. Unfortunately I have been unable to get a copy of the Alternative 3 book (which by the way if you haven't heard of Alternative 3 you should really look into very strange conspiracy stuff), but as previously noted I was able to happen upon a copy of Casebook on the Men in Black at my local bookstore. Because of school and work my progress has been rather slow unfortunately, but that isn't because the book isn't a great read. Having read about some MIB encounters in John Keel's work, it was nice to see another researchers treatment of the topic. Not entirely unlike his Saucers of the Illuminati, Keith isn't as quick to jump on the 'MIBs = Aliens' as some have suggested. Instead he focuses more on the idea that they may be representatives of an Earthly organization of some form.

At the same time however, he doesn't overlook the history of figures dressed in black that have shown up from time to time. Instances of witches reportedly cavorting with 'Men cloaked in black garb' or one really interesting story he relates a story first recounted by Freemasonic historian Manly P Hall

It was during the evening of July 4, 1776, that the second of these mysterious episodes occurred. In the old State House in Philadelphia a group of men were gathered for the momentous task of severing the last ties between the old country and the new. It was a grave moment and not a few of those present that their lives would be forfeit for their audacity. In the midst of the debate a fierce voice rang out. The debaters stopped and turned to look upon the stranger …. they had never seen him before, none knew when he had entered, but his tall form and pale face stirred them to their very souls.... As the stranger sank into a chair exhausted, a wild enthusiasm burst forth. Name after name was placed upon the parchment: the Declaration of Independence was signed.

That is just one of the strange stories that he recounts in his book. Again I haven't finished yet so this isn't intended as a proper review. Rather the above is a backdrop for my strange synchronicities of late. Yesterday I was listening to the newest episode of Binnall of America, (yes I don't just write a column for the site, I also really enjoy Tim's show) Tim was interviewing documentary film makers Matthew J. Pellowski and Anastasia Konstantinou about their new film Eyes of the Mothman. Which I haven't been able to check out yet but am looking forward to. The film documents a non-John Keel view of the events of 1966-1977 Point Pleasant, West Virginia. Included, obviously, is the Mothman and other assorted bizarre Fortean events (like the Men in Black [synchronicity #1]). One item that stuck out in my mind for no particular reason was the story of Woodrow Derenberger and his 'friend' Indrid Cold.

This was a classic 'conctactee' case. Where Derenberger claims to have meet an ET named Indrid Cold. I'm not going to give the whole story (check out the documentary for that!). But keep Indrid Cold in mind. So this morning before work I was getting some reading of Casebook on the Men in Black and as I was finishing the chapter I was on I turned the page to find the next chapter which was entitled 'Indrid Cold' (Synchronicity #2). But we are not done just yet. This afternoon as I was listening to the latest Radio Mistierioso episode, Greg Bishop had Paul Kimball and Walter Bosley on the show. During the second half of the show, Paul and Walter really got going on a weird synchronicity kick. As they were going through all of the different synchronistic events that had occurred to them, Walter Bosley brought up how the #9 had some mystical connotations to it. My final synchronicity of the day? The chapter that I was starting that was entitled 'Indrid Cold' ….. was chapter 9.


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