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Monday, August 8, 2011

Print on Demand: UFOs?

If you don't make it a habit of visiting the Daily Grail uh daily, you are really missing out on some cool little gems that the guys over there are able to dig up. Take for instance one of today's news items.
Aeroplane created using a 3D printer in world first: Scientists build aircraft with 100mph max speed

This plane is the first in the world to be created using the groundbreaking new technology of '3D printing'.

The aircraft was built using only a computer - but it can get up to a speed of 100mph and has a two-metre wingspan.

It was produced using a special nylon laser printer that builds up an item layer-by-layer. The parts were made separately and attached using a 'snap fit' technique so the aircraft could be put together without tools in minutes.

No fasteners at all were used in the manufacture of the plane.
The "Print-on-demand plane"
Click here for the full article.

When I read this, and especially after looking at some of the accompanying photos, I was struck with a sudden thought. The plane appeared pretty seemless in design, at least once it was put together. Or in other words you couldn't really make out any kind of rivets or pieces; it looked like one solid piece. This reminded me of the physical descriptions of some UFOs, which are also said to be without discernible pieces that make them up.

I wondered if it's not possible that perhaps some UFOs are in fact military devices that can be printed “on demand” so to speak. There is a commonly held belief among a lot of people, especially more conspiracy-minded individuals, that the US Military's “Black Budget” technology is well ahead of the “White World” or mainstream budgets. So maybe the Military's of the world have been able to print up drones of any size.

You wouldn't have to worry about transporting anything other than the materials needed to print the “UFO”, and perhaps it would even be possible to have a computer assemble the parts for you. Just a thought that occurred to me. Either way the news story is really interesting and you should definitely read it.

Also be sure to check out the Daily Grail website at least everyday, because Greg and the rest of the folks over there always have some great content in addition to some of the weirdest Fortean stories you can find.


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