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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Water on mars?

This story seems like it would have been right up Mac Tonnies' alley. 

NASA spacecraft spots evidence for flowing water on Mars

Future site of a water park?
(from the article)

A NASA spacecraft in orbit around Mars has detected signs of what appear to be seasonal flows of salty water on the surface of the red planet during warmer summer months, an "eye-opening" finding that could help scientists target future missions to look for signs of microbial life in the frigid soil, researchers said today.
"We have found repeated and predictable evidence suggesting water flowing on Mars," said Michael Meyer, lead scientist with NASA's Mars Exploration office.

Follow this link for more of the article

Sounds pretty cool, but I feel pretty confident that this has been suspected for a little while now. Hopefully this news inspires someone to reach out and actually try to colonize that damn planet already. I want to be the first person to open a bar/nightclub on Barsoom.


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