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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pretty sure it was just Swamp Gas

Once again ATS has proved to be an excellent source for information that I had not been previously aware of, after you weed out all of the “disclosure is imminent” shenanigans of course. Earlier today I stumbled upon this cool tidbit of information. As some of you may be aware, Dr J. Allen Hynek actually had a close encounter of his own on board of an airplane during the 1960's.
From the original source (found here):
Allen was aboard an airliner when he suddenly noticed a white object at his altitude, seemingly flying at the same speed as the plane. He made sure it wasn't a reflection and he convinced himself it must be some faraway cloud with an unusual shape. He pulled out his camera to see how fast he could snap pictures. In all he took two pairs of stereoscopic photographs and gave it no more thought.
Here is the photo in question:

Again I had never heard about this aspect of Dr. J Allen Hynek's life. I appreciate how, at least according to Richard Dolan's article, Hynek refrained from attempting identification of the object. Instead he preferred to simply call it what it was, namely a UFO. I suppose it probably wasn't swamp gas, whatever else it may have been.

Follow these links below in order to learn more for yourself. My recommendation is that if you are willing (and able) to wade through 99% of the garbage that one normally encounters at ATS, you will be able to find really cool nuggets of information like this or my post from a few weeks back about the online Project Blue Book files.

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Interview with Timmerman about Hynek


Anonymous said...

Might just be Swamp Grass !!

Red Pill Junkie said...

Over the years there have surfaced a number of anecdotes that suggest Allen knew way more than he made public re. the UFO phenomenon. L

ike when he was at his death bed about to lose his battle against cancer, and his wife heard him mumble "after all this time,why can't they tell me?"

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