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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Herbert Schirmer - An Abductee in his own words

I'm not a huge fan of the vast majority of the current abductee literature mostly, I think, because it tends to be a bit repetitive and, if I'm being completely honest, dull. It quickly becomes a case of “If you've heard one, you've heard them all.” One can only have so many tales of 'anal-probes' or 'hybrid children' before you should be ready to scream and be done with the whole thing. However in looking back over the past literature available on the subject one case has always particularly stood out to me. And recently I was pleased to come across some audio of the abductee involved who spoke at a UFO conference on his experience.

At 2 AM on a December night in 1967, Patrolman Herbert Schirmer was making his normal rounds on Highway 6 in Ashland, Nebraska, when he saw lights that he at first took to be an oncoming vehicle but soon became obvious that something else was going on that night. At the junction of Highway 6 and 63, Schirmer came upon what he would later describe as UFO that had the appearance of aluminum and was hovering about 10 feet above the ground. The red lights that had earlier attracted Schirmer's attention were flashing from out of “portholes” around the object. After watching the object for only a few moments, it started to make what was described as a siren sound, and as something like flames shot out from underneath, it began to zoom off into the night sky.

Schirmer's Alien
Schirmer got out of his patrol car with flashlight in hand and began to look around the area where the craft had been hovering. After not finding anything that stood out, Schirmer went back to the police station and recorded the following entry into his log book “Saw a flying saucer at the junction of highways 6 and 63. Believe it or not!”. Seeing that it was 3 O' Clock, Schirmer figured that he was missing about 30 minutes of time that he could not account for. As it happened, the Condon Committee was in full swing as this incident occurred, and as a part of their investigation into the UFO phenomena, Schirmer was brought to Boulder, Colorado where he was eventually hypnotically regressed by psychologist Dr. Leo Sprinkle.

During the regression it came out that Schirmer had actually been taken aboard the craft by 4 ½ foot tall beings that had a Winged Serpent insignia upon their chest. Referring to Schirmer as “the watchman”, they guided him around their craft showing him many things. They revealed that a part of their mission on Earth was to take Electricity. Additionally they were involved in a breeding program of some form and that in order to keep their true agenda from being discovered they appeared to people completely at random. Below is a YouTube link to the lecture that Schirmer gave on the events of the night.

If you want to learn more, or if you prefer reading the story as opposed to listening to the YouTube link provided, you can follow these links if you wish to know more. But I highly recommend listening to Schirmer tell you what happened in his own words. I would like to leave you with the final words given to Schirmer. The final message that was offered from the beings to Schirmer has long been one of my favorite ET messages. They told him “We want you to believe in us, but not too much.” Somewhere in there may lie a clue as to what is actually going on behind this phenomena. 

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Link to the MP3 if you prefer to download the audio.


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